Trump – A Zionist Warmonger

May 16, 2019

When a British General based in the Pentagon told reporters that there was no new threat from Iran it was a bombshell for Trump and his cronies who are preparing for war.

In the space of 48 hours, Trump hurriedly dismissed rumors from the New York Times that John Bolton was preparing 120,000 troops to be shipped to the Middle East to “defend” US troops there in the midst of a “new threat” from Iran.

But of course there is no real threat, and we’ve been here before in 2003 with fabricated intel to justify the invasion of Iraq. This time the fabricated intelligence involves someone in the Gulf of Oman that conveniently attacked two Saudi oil tankers. The White House is treating it as having come from Iran – regardless of the evidence to suggest that Iran had nothing to do with it and it was probably staged by the Saudis themselves.

The tanker attack, which mysteriously didn’t involve anyone getting injured, was probably staged by those who would profit the most if Trump were to strike Iran, but who also wish to not appear to be involved themselves – either the UAE, the Saudis, or Israelis.

And here’s the crux of Trump’s problem with Iran. He, on the one hand is happy to build up tensions with Iran so that in his 2020 election campaign he can get patriotic votes by claiming to be a “war president.” Also he has John Bolton who is absolutely busting to get a war going with Iran, and cares nothing about the cost of human misery and death.

A real dilemma for Trump, if he is to allow such madness to go ahead, is that he will probably be held to blame. The big difference between the Iraq war in 2003 and what’s happening today is that Europe will probably not join Trump’s coalition to invade Iran.

Trump is happy with the bluff, for which he and his people in Washington are pushing. He believes Iran will back down in the end when the tension really gets cranked up, and his supporters will ignore his dirty work.

What’s particularly worrying though is that while Pentagon officials, off the record, admit to US journalists that even though Iran is not a threat (“small stuff”), there is a concerted and very real plan by Trump’s puppet masters to “draw Iran into a conflict with the US”.

It’s hard to imagine that Bolton and Pompeo are so warped as to be ignorant of the fact that a conflict of any sort in the region can bear no fruit. Even Iran and Hezbollah’s greatest enemies struggle to see how the US could benefit from such a venture. Trump, a man who struggles to read teleprompters, but can’t be allowed to speak without them, just can’t get his head around simple facts about a conflict with Iran.

It’s not only that Trump is a blithering airhead driven entirely by his own rank insecurity and narcissism. It’s also that the entire campaign against Iran has been fabricated by him as a political ploy with which he hopes to curry favor with international Zionists.

“This is a crisis that has entirely been manufactured by the Trump administration,” said Vali R. Nasr, the dean of the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.

He pointed to Mr. Trump’s decision to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal in May 2018, coupled with the administration’s failure to get any other nations to do so.

“None of the other signatories to the deal were persuaded by the case the US was making,” Mr. Nasr said. “And that is because this administration’s policy on Iran does not have credibility.”

But a lack of credibility doesn’t irk Trump for the moment. This is a man, after all, who lives a life of lies. For Trump it’s all about appearances and faking it. Anyone who knows him knows this. But Iran is, for the moment, serving as a useful distraction to cover his foreign policy failures. This is a US president who is simply trying to play a role for which He is not equipped. The Chinese are making a fool of him as each day passes. The tariffs he imposes on China won’t be paid by them, but by US businesses and consumers. His inanity is producing bitter fruit.


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