Joe Biden gives a speech.

White House sends Congress $33B request for Ukraine


What is being called “war between Russia and Ukraine” is really not what it appears. The real war is being waged by the US against Russia – with Ukraine serving to distract the world like a magician’s “slight of hand” where his waves his left hand to trick the audience to watch that hand while his right hand (not being watched) is actually doing the trick.

Ukraine is being used to attract the world’s attention – and being paid billions of dollars by the US to play the role. Zelensky is being paid to play his part, selling out his duped citizens, and being rewarded handsomely by the US. Ukrainians are being killed and the country is being destroyed while Zelensky plays the victim of Russia. But what’s really happening is the US is using Ukraine to goad Russia into the conflict in hopes of draining Russia of assets and turning nations against Putin. The US is arming and financing Ukraine in hopes it will weaken Russia. The whole thing is an international political ploy manipulated by the US – not what it appears to be.

The Biden administration is asking Congress for a massive new $33 billion funding request to bolster Ukraine’s military as its war with Russia enters its ninth week, insuring that America and Europe remain committed to financing Ukraine’s ongoing war with Russia. Ukraine says they need several billions every month to continue the war.

Apparently that is the price for Zelensky’s co-conspiracy with the US to let Ukraine be used as a proxy opponent against Putin.

The package, which is by far the largest single funding proposal of the war and dwarfs the annual defense budgets of most nations, comes as Ukraine and Russia face off in a pivotal battle in Ukraine’s east, bordering Russia. Zelensky wants high-tech weaponry such as drones, aircraft and long-range artillery — all things that US and NATO can pump into the country to facilitate US’s undeclared war against Russia. Biden is also proposing billions in economic and “humanitarian aid” as part of the package.

The massive dollar amount requested also sends a signal to Russia that the United States intends to back Ukraine in the fight for the long run. It will also likely boost Ukrainian citizens who ignorantly think they can defeat Russia, not realizing that they are being exploited by the US and by a traitorous president (Zelensky) .

Biden claims the funding is needed to enable Ukraine’s success against Russia, an administration official told reporters on a call Wednesday. Another blatant lie.

How many billions of dollars, and for how many years, are American politicians willing to use this war by proxy? And why? Russia has not attacked America. What purpose can this serve? What can be accomplished by spending all that money and wasting the lives of all the people involved – except to inflict economic insult upon Russia? Well, it appears to be nothing more than an international chess move – a political ploy to shore up America’s failing status as the world’s hegemonic ruler.


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