Avoid Hospitals If Possible

Nearly half of all deaths from the coronavirus (real or not real) reported in the United States have occurred at nursing homes and other long-term care facilities, according to new reports from the New York Times.

Nursing home populations are at higher risk for infection and death from various causes, experts have said. Even as the average age of infected populations has shifted lower, the average age of death has shifted higher.

Individuals with underlying health conditions are especially susceptible to all kinds of infection, and the likelihood of developing such conditions increases with age. Additionally, infections spread more easily in confined areas, and the concentration of residents helps them spread even faster.

At the state level, the difference is even more pronounced, with some states seeing care facility residents and workers account for half of all deaths from infections.

The sad fact is – the typical care given to people diagnosed with COVID in nursing homes, hospitals, and extended care facilities includes heavy drugging of patients which destroys their immune systems and robs them of the will to live, grouping patients together to spread the infections, and putting them on ventilators which destroys their lungs.

No wonder people are dying in those facilities.

The states with the highest number of deaths in nursing homes were New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. For the most part, the “virus” is not killing many of these people, the hospitals and nursing homes are killing them.

Those who avoid hospitals have a much greater survival rate.


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