CNN, Satan, Putin, and God

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2-5-19 Phil Butler

CNN reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin, without so much as a wave of his mighty hand, is now the cause of the fall of western civilization. You think I am kidding? We’ve known all along this was coming. Meanwhile, the people who own the CNNs of the world rip apart people’s belief in God. No, I am not kidding.

“Another good day for Putin as turmoil grips US and UK,” that’s the snappy title CNN analyst Stephen Collinson labeled the network’s latest fake Putin news with. According to Collinson, Britain having the worst Prime Minister ever, and America’s being run by a narcissist nincompoop equals “Putin done it.” Here’s the gist of his argument:

“In London, Theresa May on Tuesday suffered the worst defeat in the modern parliamentary era by a prime minister…..The United States, meanwhile, remains locked in its longest-ever government shutdown, which is now entering its 26th day…” 

The CNN political genius fails to mention the decades of economic and political malfeasance as the possible cause of the Anglo-European meltdown we’re all seeing. The author goes on to paint 21st-century America and the UK as shining beacons of truth, justice, and prosperity but that pesky Russian leader is all the more diabolical. Collinson resurrects the dead spirits of such noted leaders as Winston Churchill and FDR, melding their fame in with Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan – dragonslayers who bested the evil U-S-S-R! Give me a break.

This dotard’s theory that Putin is destroying the west is based on the convoluted idea that those who have ruled the last 70 years deserve our loyalty and we should spur their comeback – SAVE ROME! I can just hear the CNN board chanting. According to Collinson, Putin is a “heartbroken KGB agent bent on bringing back the Soviet Union.” Seriously, does anybody ever take a close look at these politicians and so-called experts of the media? Come on, one look at former Vice-President Dick Cheney told me all I needed to know about evil.

Moving forward, we are better off judging reality by the looks of people, places, and things rather than reading or listening to the biggest liars the world has ever known. Before the EU and America orchestrated a coup in Ukraine, Collinson was reporting about Obama donut runs for French press. Now CNN readers are supposed to base their opinion of the waking world on his latest Russophobia rant. Meanwhile, in Kiev, the globalist takeover continues with Petro Poroshenko ripping that nation’s heritage, culture, and religion to shreds.

Here’s what president Putin said about the move by Kiev:

“It is a blatant interference and those who initiated it seem to have learned from the godless people of the last century.”

Western reporting and the dissemination of information have turned into absolute advertising and political propaganda. The average citizen is now in a system where it is as easy to believe in alien lizard people, or that Vladimir Putin is in the Kremlin wringing his hands and smiling like Dr. Evil every morning when he arrives at work. Meanwhile CNN reports the fall of the Anglo-European Empire caused by Russian Internet trolls.

I leave you to decide who the real bad guys are. On one side of this dilemma, we have a dogma that tells us that we should welcome the chance to teach our little boys and our little girls they should consider a sex change before the age of 10. On the other side, there is a tradition that teaches people to be more Christlike and to adhere to a moral code. Which message do we follow? Go ahead then, say “The devil made me do it,” if things turn out badly.


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