Ben Williams – 4/24/2020

All indications are that the COVID-19 pandemic is a complete fraud. The virus may actually exist, but the “pandemic” is fabricated. Yes, there are deaths. But deaths ALWAYS increase in the winter, particularly among the elderly who are hospitalized or in rest homes due to long term illnesses and compromised immune systems. It appears that the hospitals and doctors are cooking the books to make it look like these typical deaths are from COVID rather than ordinary diseases.

Here are some statistics found in CDC charts.

In March-April of 2020 we see a huge drop off (about 50%) of pneumonia and influenza-related deaths. At the same time a sudden explosion of COVID-19 deaths are reported. This appears to be a result of doctors taking death numbers away from pneumonia and influenza reports and re-classifying them as COVID-19. Yes, the doctors are literally forging death certificates by reclassifying flu and pneumonia deaths to say they died from COVID-19. Why would they do this? Because they are directed to do so by their superiors whose hospitals receive more government funding for COVID cases.

The result? The reporting of pneumonia, influenza, and usual winter deaths declined, and deaths attributed to COVID-19 suspiciously rose. One of Bill Gates favored books is How to Lie with Statistics.

Mis-coding regular death cases to COVID-19 cases was due to financial incentives offered to hospitals and doctors to do so.  The CDC-issued billing coding for hospitals literally bribes doctors and hospitals to up-code normal pneumonia cases to COVID-19 cases to be reimbursed at a 3-fold higher rate ($13,000 to $39,000)?

Isn’t it amazing how blatant liars and conmen can feed off gullible Americans? You simply cannot believe anything you see or read from the mainstream news media. Sadly, most Americans cannot accept the fact that devils have been allowed to occupy every major position of mass information and influence. It is the result of the common people for too long not being vigilant and responsible.

Thank God for the remnant who, while not noticed by the sleeping masses, are nonetheless awake and not falling for the hucksters and con-men. 


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