Ben Williams – 7/12/2020

For anyone who wishes to know the truth and is willing to examine simple records and logic, available now after four months of observation, it is clear that the COVID-19 “pandemic” (so-called) first of all was never a real pandemic any more than the common seasonal flu or cold with the typical infection rates and typical death rates. Nothing new or more special than the common flu or cold.

You’ve been lied to by Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, President Trump, government officials, the news media, and most doctors. It has been an orchestrated hoax perpetrated on the public for the purpose of acclimating and preparing people to be easily scared and manipulated by the press – to get the public acclimated to being jerked this way and that by the powers of propaganda. And they managed to shut down most of the world in a matter one or two weeks. What does that tell you about the stupidity and slavery already established and imposed upon the people of the world?

Please take the time to read and understand this article (SECOND WAVE? NOT EVEN CLOSE). With charts, graphs, and common-sense explanation this article exposes ALL the nonsense you’ve been hearing – and then leaves it up to YOU to decide WHY they (the governments, news media, World Health Organization, National Center For Disease Control, Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, President Trump, Big Pharma, and the hospitals) have conspired together to pull off this hoax which has been devastating to the economy.

As explained in detail in the article linked above, there never was a real pandemic called “COVID-19.” It was/is only a typical flu-like infection with typical flu-like deaths, with typical flu-like rates of death. And its primary victims have been among the typical age groups, especially among the older folks and those who already have co-morbid diseases. Add to this, the fact that the devised tests are useless and false, plus the fact that testing facilities and hospitals have been reporting COVID cases in people who weren’t sick (had no symptoms). Plus the nursing homes and the hospitals have been falsely reporting COVID deaths on death certificates for victims who died from various other causes, but were suspected to possibly have the coronavirus. Plus the fact that the tests have found coronavirus in things like papayas, goats, and even motor oil. The fact is, coronavirus has been around for ages, and most people have been infected (usually considered a flu or cold) and are now immune to it – but still test positive and are listed as more COVID cases. Plus, with the current contact tracing protocol, not only are the fake-tested people considered “COVID-19” cases, but also anyone who comes into contact with them are considered potential cases, and reported and listed as such. Plus, hospitals have been incentivized by the government to put COVID on the death certificates as the cause of death for patients who died in their facilities – in which cases the government has been compensating the nursing homes and hospitals with $28,000 for each COVID death reported. Thus nursing home and hospital patients who died of any various diseases have been falsely listed as COVID. 

So, the more testing that is done, the more COVID cases are found and reported – regardless of the fact that the people are symptom-free and not sick, nor are any of the people they’ve contacted.

It is all smoke and mirrors. Absolutely nonsense! Worse than that, it is outright criminal conspiracy. It is obvious to anyone with the slightest ability to analyze and reason. And in spite of all this factual evidence, the Beast System is successfully pulling off the biggest hoax I’ve seen in my lifetime.

Wake up people!


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