“The Eyes of Darkness”

Coronavirus Was Eerily Predicted in a 1981 Novel:
…Throughout his career, [Dean] Koontz wrote under several pen names including David Axton, Deanna Dwyer, K.R Dwyer, Brian Coffey, and Leigh Nichols. It is with this last pen name that Koontz wrote the novel The Eyes of Darkness in 1981 – a “suspense thriller” that is causing even more “suspense thriller” nearly 40 years after its original publication. ….the virus is called Wuhan-400 because it was developed at their “RDNA labs outside of the city of Wuhan”. As you might know, the epicenter of the actual Coronavirus outbreak is in Wuhan.
The severe “pneumonia-like illness” was to “spread throughout the globe” in what year?  Answer:  “in 2020”. The story also featured a scientist named Li Chen which is an amazing coincidence considering a guy by the name of Li Wenliang was the actual COVID-19 whistleblower in Wuhan who, by the way, was a 33-year-old ophthalmologist. Yes. An eye doctor. So, let’s see…
2020 Wuhan, China Pneumonia-like illness Spread throughout the globe Li Chen (when Li Wenliang was the actual whistleblower  –  an actual eye doctor)
Kind of adds a whole new dimension to 2020 vision, no?

Also Consider “Event 201” in New York City, October 2019

Most sources point to December 2019, or January 2020, as the beginning of Coronavirus®.  In truth, it started in October 2019 – when the Event 201 conference took place in New York City and at the exact same time the 2019 Military World Games were holding its opening ceremonies. The video embedded below is the Gates Foundation / John Hopkins “Event 201 Pandemic Exercise” highlight reel.  It was posted on 11-4-2019 and showcases “GNN” (simulated) “news anchor reports” designed to generate (simulated) urgency:
“The Pluses and Minuses of Perceived Slyness, Stuffed Sinuses, and Coronaviruses”, note how the above video demonstrates a real-world U.N. Contingency Team arguing for increased centralization and coordination between the U.N. and World Health Organization (WHO) with “private sector supply chains”. Beginning at the 7:01 mark, the “GNN Simulation” factors how “THE PANDEMIC IS CAUSING A GROWING GLOBAL FINANCIAL CRISIS” – followed by commentary from real-life Chinese and U.S. CDC officials. At the 8:15 mark, the GNN news simulation addresses how portions of the internet were shut down to “quell panic”. And, if you don’t believe Coronavirus® is about control, then watch the “Scenario Epilogue” from the 10:03 mark to the end. Keep in mind the “Event 201” exercise occurred in October 2019 and corresponded exactly with the 2019 Military World Games, hosting 110 nations and thousands of military members from around the world in… yes… WUHAN CHINA…. amidst a “malaria” outbreak in what we now know to be as ground zero of the Coronavirus outbreak weeks before the virus was first reported. Coincidences? Or planned preparations to soften people up for further plans of public control?


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