The War Against Freedom In America – You’ve Been Asleep

ACM – 6/17/2020

Click HERE to read an informative history of the malignant police state that has grown like a cancerous tumor on the body of America.

My comments, here, are only to set the stage for the above referenced site. In part, the article deals with the conversion of the institution of “Peace Officers” over into an institution of “Law Enforcement Officers.” There is a big difference. The police (federal, state, county, and city) have become a military force – huge and powerful – pitted against ordinary citizens. The state is at war with citizens, and the Law Enforcement Officers are the soldiers in that war. That huge force is fully capable of defeating any overt disturbance among the citizens.

This is why people need to know that the protestors and rioters are being allowed and even financed by high-level hidden sources. The police forces have at their disposal advanced weapons and hardware that can put down the riots at any time – if that’s what they are told to do. Obviously the police are being controlled – only allowed to show a small presence on foot here and there.

Clearly, the ones behind all this chaos operate above the level of the police. They, from their high positions, have a covert plan. They want the disruption and destruction to reach a calculated peak before the police are ordered to bring out the big guns and come to the rescue. It is just another ploy to create a mentality of helplessness and fear among the dumbed-down citizens who will, in time, beg the government to save them from “terrorists,” “protestors,” “dissenters” of all kinds – thus tightening restrictions against thinking outside the box.

When people live in fear and form into warring factions, they become easy to control and manipulate. We’ve seen this before in Wilson’s WW1 and Roosevelt’s and Truman’s WW2 which scared our fathers to believe there were Germans and Japanese threatening America; Truman’s Korean War and Johnson’s Vietnam War which scared us to believe there were “Communists” threatening the world – the same Communists who, just a few years earlier, fought on the side of America against Germany and Japan; Women’s Lib Movement which scared women to believe “men” were their worst enemy; the Hippie Revolution in the 60s & 70s which scared kids to believe that “adults” threatened them so they needed to “shoot up and drop out”; the John Kennedy Assassination which scared us to believe that “lone gunmen” were a threat to the U.S. system; the “War On Drugs” in the 70s & 80s which scared Americans into thinking foreign enemies were shipping “illegal” drugs into America when in fact they were being imported by the CIA and American powers; the 9-11 media farce which scared us to believe a guy with a cell phone in a cave in Afghanistan could defeat the world’s best defense system, and that steel buildings could be melted by office fires and then collapse into their own footprints; Bush’s “War On Terror” which scared Americans into thinking there were terrorists (mostly Muslims) behind every rock. It has been one lying campaign after another – all engineered to scare people into compliance and to sow distrust among the public.  Now the world is being scared into thinking that your neighbor is a threat who might be carrying a “deadly virus” – which has put us at war with each other. Now the time-proven proverbial icing on the cake is the sudden rise of organized race wars and riots in the cities – all for the purpose of pitting people against each other and preparing their minds to accept an expanding invasive police state to “keep us safe.” 

Is there any outlandish and stupid thing that Americans can’t be scared into accepting? American have even been scared into thinking that gender designation is dangerous. People no longer can tell if someone is a male or a female – or if there is even a difference. Mind-numbing stupidity is America’s biggest threat – never mind about a phantom virus.

Americans have been incrementally, for decades, losing their minds – making themselves easy prey to the true enemy of freedom – the criminal Beast System (the government). We are being programmed and convinced that we can’t trust anyone except politicians and celebrities. We aren’t even supposed to trust family. In other words, the state is the only thing we are suppose to trust to protect us from a world full of enemies. People believe that we are in danger at every turn, and we need more police to surveil us and more vaccines to keep us healthy. With their thousands of satellites watching us from the sky, the billions of smart phones and cell towers surveilling us on the ground; listening devices and apps on our computers and appliances like “Alexa” and “Echo,” and our computer screens with built-in cameras and microphones to watch and listen to us, Face Book and social media to collect volunteered confessions, and with expanding police forces (FBI, State Police, County, Municipal), not to mention the CIA, NSA, and cameras on the streets monitoring everything, along with their plans for a coming Social Credit System that will use all these surveillance tools to watch everyone so we can be individually evaluated to determine if we are socially compliant in everything we do; plus miniature drones that can spy on us anywhere, plus apps on smart phones to keep a record on us to inform intelligence centers about our status of whether or not we’ve been vaccinated or had contact with anyone who wasn’t vaccinated (which will serve as a type of license/permit to authorize us to cross state borders, enter certain buildings, attend school, drive our car, access a hospital, etc.) … I could go on, and on.

America is in BIG TROUBLE. BIG, BIG TROUBLE. Not from Russia, Iran, China, or some other contrived foreign enemy. Americans have been asleep at the wheel for a long time. And while Americans slept in a stupor of self-gratification and godlessness, the Beast System flooded every house and street via propaganda and mass surveillance and changed America into something that Americans of 60 years ago couldn’t even recognize. It is too late for most Americans. The gigantic Beast System is closing in on us. Their intention is to control every aspect of our lives – especially our minds. And they are almost there. The few specs of freedom we had are all but gone. We need to re-awaken and find our lost pioneer spirit – our caution and skepticism. The chaos we are now witnessing is just another iteration in a long series of plans the Beast System has used to funnel us into a dystopian world similar to the one described in George Orwell’s prophetic book, 1984 – where the system called “Big Brother” watches every citizen constantly, observing everything they do, including their most private activities, and controls them in every way, including their thoughts.

America is 90% there. It is time to open your eyes while you still have eyes.


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