THIS EXPLAINS A LOT. Most Deaths Listed As COVID-19 Have Been In Nursing Homes Or Elderly People With Other Deadly Health Problems

As of Wednesday April 8th 43 residents of the Life Care Center in Kirkland, Washington had died of coronavirus in the first deadly coronavirus outbreak in the United States.

Another 39 residents died at Canterbury Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center in Virginia also perished from the disease.

43% of New Jersey deaths involve nursing homes.

In Minnesota 71% of the deaths are in nursing homes.

UK did this too, and thousands of care home patients have died – blamed on COVID-19 when in fact many of the deaths were caused by malpractice and/or neglect.

This is the same policy they used in Italy!

Plus, the tests for COVID are wildly inaccurate and therefore mean nothing. But hospitals and nursing homes have been instructed to list COVID-19 as the cause of death regardless of the real cause of death. Hospitals are compensated by receiving $19,000 for each patient they list as COVID, and $38,000 for each patient placed on a respirator machine (experts confirm that the respirators are killing sick people). Hospitals are going broke due to the shutdown and due to the lack of patients. They happily comply and falsify their records to say “COVID” for patients so the hospital can receive needed money from the government.

People who have taken a flu shot in the past are likely to test positive. Millions of people have a corona virus in their system from past flu and cold infections (most of which are corona-type viruses), to which they have developed immunity. They can test positive (false positive). Especially vulnerable are the elderly in nursing homes or have been in hospital care recently and have been plied with all sorts of vaccines including flu and pneumonia vaccines which further compromise their immunity and health. They are set up to catch communicable diseases that comes around.


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