Trump reelection campaign courts LGBT voters

December 11, 2019  – This comes under the heading of “What Did You Expect?” Did you think you knew Donald Trump?

Trump is showing his true colors – and they are rainbow. His election slogan of “Make America Great Again” includes his endorsement of homosexual “pride.” Don’t you just love election years? Each time we are treated to surprises and lies enough to make you want to move to Borneo.

Why not? Trump has betrayed every campaign promise he made to get elected the first time. He has appointed the slimiest, most despicable Jew-loving swamp denizens he could find to high posts in his administration. He was elected by the anti-Clinton vote, but he has proven to be not much better than Hillary.

Now he is pursuing the queer crowd’s votes. Politicians are willing to do anything to get votes. That’s the character of the creatures that occupy Washington DC. I’d say they are a few notches below the Epstein pedophile types. In fact, Trump and Clinton were buddies to Epstein.

Is Trump feeling the heat from the impeachment hearings? How much is his soul worth? He’s selling it at a bargain price. That’s what it takes to become a politician.

He’s also selling rainbow LGBT hats which may seem odd to those whose perception of the 45th president was that he is a man of principle. However, to garner votes he is willing to do or say anything. What’s he to do? He likes living in the White House. He apparently thinks he needs the support of the queers to not lose his position. Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway boasted about his love for queers in July.

As president, Trump has nominated a variety of disusting officials to various government posts and judicial vacancies. He has continued some Obama-era LGBT policies such as an executive order on “gender identity nondiscrimination” and U.S. support for international recognition of homosexual relations at the United Nations Human Rights Council. His administration also recognizes LGBT “Pride Month.”

The LGBTQ rainbow-themed ‘Make America Great Again’ hat is available at Trump’s re-election shop for $35 at





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