Video: Renowned Scientist Speaks Out! – COVID IS A SCAM! – DON’T GET THE JAB! – Do Viruses Exist?


Scientist David Rasnick has many years experience looking into so-called infectious diseases and “pandemics.” He’s no Johnny Come Lately. Nor is he invested into the medical community to the point of compromising his common sense.

He is, however, educated and experienced in the disciplines of microscopy and identifying tiny things visible only under powerful microscopes. He has looked for evidence of viruses as agents of infection for such diseases as HIV (often equated with AIDS), influenza, and corona.

Many of us are coming to the conclusion that we’ve been misled by “experts” who have sold us scary propaganda about “viruses” which they claim are dangerous and the cause of disease and pandemics.

David Rasnick offers a reasonable explanation, admitting that he is still learning about viruses, questioning what they are,  and the claim that they are agents in infectious disease. We’ve known all along, according accepted science, that viruses are not living things like bacteria. But somehow these tiny pieces of RNA are supposed to be able to reproduce themselves in human tissue and infect us in spite of the fact that the process is not understood – and no COVID (SARS-CoV-2) virus has ever been identified and isolated. Is it possible that the whole virus theory may be nothing more than creations in computer programs – where the viruses and their diseases are created in the computer programs but not in actual people?

Sensible investigators today are beginning to question the whole established theory about viral infection – particularly regarding influenza and COVID.



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