Jewish Claim: “We Control The Narrative. We Change The Bible.” Why Do Churches Trust Them?

One by one, some churchgoers are finally taking Bible study seriously. Instead of listening exclusively to church leaders, they are personally taking responsibility to look into and examine the actual Word of God to see what it really says – and this requires looking into the Greek and Hebrew texts. This can be done with the help of modern interlinears and lexicons available in books as well as on the internet. One of the first things you’ll find is that the English translations (like the KJV) are not accurate. You need accuracy when you look into the Holy Word Of God!

Sincere seekers of truth are soon asking, “How did the churches end up with such perverted an inaccurate teachings and translations? Why do the churches, and their Bible VERSIONS, have so many things in common with known pagan teachings? Who are those “experts” who have established “orthodox” and accepted inaccurate and nonsensical doctrines – crazy teachings like God’s home being in outer space, and a being called “Satan” who is supernatural and powerful, and a “burning hell” where all sinners will be tortured for ever? With the churches teaching this kind of nonsense it is no wonder most people assume that the Bible is ridiculous. It is sad because it is not the Bible that teaches these things, but it is the churches and the synagogues that teach the nonsense.

The church ministers are certainly guilty of promoting bad translations and bad doctrines. They hold themselves out to be God’s representatives. They evoke the trust of their congregations. But they only parrot (repeat) nonsense they hear and read from other so-called “experts.” They have trusted lying sources and then repeated those lies to their congregations.

Repeating lies to people who come to them for truth is a grievous sin for which church leaders are guilty and God holds them responsible. But from where, or from who, do church pastors learn their nutty doctrine that they pass on to their congregations? 

8. This people draws near to Me with their mouth, and honors me with their lips; but their heart is far from Me.

9. But in vain they worship Me, teaching for doctrine the precepts of men.

Mtt. 15:8-9

Indeed, Bible students have not only the right, but the obligation, to ask these questions. After all, the Holy Scriptures are the God-breathed inspired messages He wants us to know. These are the words of life. So if we want to have life we must have access to these words of God – and we need to know them accurately. Nothing is more important to us! NOTHING! So, yes, we must know the truth. And that means we must ask the questions and not settle for silly answers.

Here’s the thing. Churches teach doctrines that are NOT from the Bible. Doctrines attributed to God, but are not from God. Instead they come from the precepts of men. So who are these men who invent false doctrine?

Did you know that church religion is officially called “Judeo-Christian?” Churches stupidly admit their religion has a Jewish source. They teach that Christ-hating Jewish rabbis are the acknowledged experts on the Bible. In matters of doctrine or interpreting the Bible, churches always rely on Jewish “wisdom.” Church theologians rely on Jewish interpretation. Churches teach their congregations that Jews are Israelites descended of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. But that is A LIE! Jews are not Israelites. They are not even Semites. They are of Persian descent and came from Persia when King Cyrus allowed Ezra and Nehemiah to lead a group of people out of Persia to settle in Judea.

Along with that group of Israelites who followed Ezra and Nehemiah was a MIXED MULTITUDE (Nehemiah 13). That “mixed multitude” were not Israelites. They were Persians (Zoroastrians) and they fought against the true Israelites. Nehemiah tells how he commanded the Israelites to separate from the Zoroastrian Persians. The Israelites who had married Persians were commanded to separate from them.

Ezra explains in chapters 4, 9 & 10 how Ezra and Nehemiah struggled against the Persian strangers (the “mixed multitude”) that became known later as “Jews.”

The Persians [Parsees/Zoroastrians] claimed to be Israelites. Later under Roman rule these Persians [Zoroastrians] were known as “Judeans.” The label “Jew” is a shortened translation from “Judean.” It did not come from the Hebrew Tribe of “Judah” but rather from the name of the Roman province of “Judea.” These non-Israelite Persian Jews were the ones that fought against Jesus and murdered Him. These are the “Jews” that churches tell their members are the Israelites – in spite of the fact that the Persian Parsees (i.e. the Zoroastrians) were the haters of Christ and the main persecutors of the followers of Jesus. They are the ones who killed Stephen, murdered Jesus, and chased his disciples out of Judea. So Jesus’ disciples left Jewish-occupied Jerusalem and went elsewhere to find the scattered “lost sheep” of Israel.

The churches claim to trust and believe in Christ, and at the same time they honor and follow Jewish perversion. They teach that the Persian Pharisee  killers of Jesus and persecutors of the apostles are “God’s chosen people.” Why would God choose the most antichrist people on Earth? If you are a churchgoer you should ask your church leader this question.  The churches promote the Jews’ Persian religion. They even claim that Jesus was a Jew – which is a horrendous insult.

Jesus unmasked the Jews when He said:

19. Then said they (the Pharisees) to Him (Jesus), Where is your Father? Jesus answered, You neither know Me, nor my Father: if you had known Me, you would have known my Father also.

39. They answered and said to Him, Abraham is our father. Jesus said to them, If you were Abraham’s children you would do the works of Abraham.

40. But now you seek to kill Me, a man that has told you the truth, which I have heard of God: this is not from Abraham.

41. You do the deeds of your father …

44. You are of your father the devil (the enemy – i.e., Pharisee religion), and the lusts of your father you do.

47. He that is of God hears the words of God: you therefore hear them not, because you are not of God.

John 8:19-47

The Pharisees were Persian Zoroastrians, called “Parsees.” “Parsees” are practitioners of Persian Zoroastrianism (the religion of Babylon). “Parsees” became “Pharisees” and laid claim on the label of “Jew” (Gk. “Judean”). From Zoroastrianism originated the ungodly teaching of an ever-burning hell fire punishment the churches and Judaism call “hell.” Churches teach this ungodly doctrine. If churches can’t get any of this right, how can anyone trust them to get anything right?

Listen to the above clip of Rabbi David Blumofe as he explains (brags) that Judaism is identical to original Pharisaism – the religion of the people who hated and murdered Christ. He explains that Jewish Rabbis CHANGE the Scripture when they want – because it is their duty! Instead of Scripture they follow the Babylonian Talmud- the infamous document that blasphemes Jesus.

Their “changed/altered Scripture” is the blatant nonsense that the church pastors feed their congregations. Pharisaism (Judaism/Persian paganism) was the matrix from which grew Judaism. And from that came also the Roman church system – called “Judeo-Christianity.” From that was created a whole industry of corrupted and confused churches. Churchgoers are products of the perverted minds of Jewish Pharisees, pagan myth, and other non-Christian rubbish.

The churches (and churchgoers) don’t take their faith seriously enough to even look into the question. How could it be possible that the foremost haters of Christ could be considered a reliable source for God’s truth? Why do churches and churchgoers turn to liars for their doctrine? Why do they call their industry “Judeo-Christianity”?

Who are you trusting? Who were the original perverters of Christ’s gospel? Who are the anti-Christs and corrupters of God’s Word? How can anyone trust what is presented in the churches and in the church-sanctioned “VERSIONS” of the Bible (like the King James Version) that has adopted propaganda from the Pharisees? King James was the head of the Church of England which was an offshoot of the Church of Rome – the product of Roman Emperor Constantine. Do you think James was trustworthy to produce the English version of God’s Word?

If you care enough to seek truth, you’d better get to work and take seriously your Bible study. Seek truth – not religion. Ask questions. Find reliable, or at least honest, Bible research.

God’s word is TRUTH. You can find truth – but not in churches! To find truth while living in a world of religious fraud requires that you put actual effort into it. You won’t find truth in the temples of the “mixed multitude.” They are liars and anti-Christs. Trust God’s Word, not churches.


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