Projected Numbers Of Deaths Per State Depends On The Numbers Of Vaxxed Per State

We could see as many as 400,000 Americans killed this winter alone by covid vaccines, adding to the estimated 800,000 who have already been murdered by the jabs. 

Life insurance companies are also seeing record payouts on their policies due to the spike in post-vaccine deaths. Covid vaccines are going to devastate the life insurance industry over the next decade, and premiums will double or triple in coming years.

Which states will see the highest vaccine deaths this winter?

The CDC has released the following map that shows vaccine doses administered per capita on a state-by-state basis. The dark blue states claim to have administered 1.5 doses for every person in the state, making them the states with the highest vaccination rates. Of course, the states with the highest vaccination rates will be the ones with the highest death rates.

The dark states have the most “vaccinations” so they will also have the most deaths. It’s not difficult to see that these states and regions include California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, New Mexico, Illinois, Michigan, Florida and most of the Northeast.

The lighter states – Idaho, Wyoming, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama – are the ones with the least vaccines so they will be the least impacted by the vaccine death wave.

Watch for a late January announcement of “a deadly new strain” that’s killing people. But understand in advance that it will be the vaccinated who are dying, not the unvaccinated. The media will, of course, lie to you about this and will claim the dead people are unvaccinated. They will continue to lie until the very end because they are complicit in this vaccine holocaust. What is killing people is obviously the shots, not the fake disease they are calling “COVID.” The COVID disease doesn’t actually exist.

The population of America is over 330 million. The vaccine deaths of even 400,000 (likely more) people this winter is barely above 1/1000th of the population, or 0.1%. This is why the media can still cover up the significant deaths… it’s not yet enough for people to see the masses dying before their own eyes. But that will change…

According to the CDC, 241 million Americans have received two doses. The CDC also claims 73% of all Americans have received “booster doses,” meaning they are claiming that nearly everyone who has received two doses has also taken booster doses (this claim comes from the CDC, so their numbers are naturally questionable).



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