Trump’s War With The US News Media



Are the “chickens coming home to roost” for the corrupt, CIA-controlled American Press?

CNN, NBC, ABC, Time Magazine, etc., have waged media war against Trump from the beginning, first ignoring him, then later misrepresenting his campaign. Then since Trump won the election they have openly denied that Trump won the election honestly. They claim that Russia interfered in the election and that’s why Trump won over Hillary who was supposed to win.

Also, multi-billionaire George Soros poured millions of dollars into Hillary Clinton’s campaign and is now apparently funding anti-Trump protesters who support Planned Parenthood and are being paid to riot and protest by the hundreds of thousands. Soros has reportedly spent over a billion dollars financing Hillary’s campaign as well as the hateful and repugnant protests headed up by Hollywood’s disgusting and nasty female “stars.” Soros has ties to over 50 groups behind anti-Trump protest groups.

This, along with the Mainstream Media’s distortion of news, is shaping up as a full-fledged war of propaganda. Soros has called Trump “an impostor, con man, and would-be dectator.”

While Soros sponsors media outlets that claim Russia interfered with the US elections, they conveniently are silent about the fact that Soros, the US Government, and the CIA have been interfering in the regimes of nations all along. Soros has a longstanding reputation of funding rebellions and revolutions in other nations, in cooperation with the Obama administration and the CIA, in order to disrupt and overthrow governments in Syria, Ukraine, Serbia, Georgia, and Kyrgyzstan for example.

The Mainstream Media claims that Trump’s election was false due to Russian interference, but they don’t explain HOW Russia interfered … because it didn’t happen. The news media rulers, like CNN, NBC, CBS, FOX, etc., are afraid of losing their position of controlling American news. Americans don’t trust them. More and more Americans are looking to alternative news sources to learn what is really happening. The kings of the hill are losing their power, and rightfully so. If that is what they call “interference,” they might as well start laying off reporters because their days of owning and controlling all the news in America are ending … not because of Trump, but because the news monopoly has lied about everything and is no longer trusted. The major American news organizations are losing credibility fast, not only in America but around the world. Their rotten reporting of the recent election is proof that they don’t report news, but rather propaganda and disgusting gossip about Hollywood.

I’ve often said that the best thing that can come from politics is if factions within the government and media expend their efforts fighting one another so they won’t have as much time and inclination to scheme and oppress us and continue destroying American society.

The following clip from Russia Today comes closer to actual, useful news than the contrived propaganda we get from the main news outlets in America.

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