America, Beaten, Down for the Count

Journal NEO Collage 7754Gordon Duff  11-27-2017

The world knows America is done for. Trump isn’t making America great, he is dancing on the corpse. We could give dates, 9/11 or back in 1913 when America took on an illegal Rothschild central bank. Perhaps it really is 1913 and the America of today, is the result of bleeding that began then.

It is always about debt. When nations take on a central bank – and all central banks are foreign owned, all controlled by the Rothschild family – their institutions crumble: the family, morality, the courts, their media, all are targeted.

We have seen this time and time again. 9/11 was critical. Look at the endless wars sweeping the world that it began, proxy armies, phony terror groups and teeming millions of refugees.

For America it announced the largest robbery in history, $10 trillion in assets, enough to buy the entirety of Europe, simply “disappeared.” Only days before 9/11 it was learned that $2.4 trillion was missing from the US military budget alone, according to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. What few realize is that the group investigating that problem, in their entirety, were killed on 9/11 during the incident at the Pentagon.

We call it an incident because calling it a terror attack or even an airline crash is unsupportable.

Then we ask, who does such a thing? Who would take down America, destroy their government, collapse their economy as in 2008, and allow a nation to be led by “leaders” who appear to be clinically insane? Why do we never name the culprits? Who are the “usual suspects”?

Let’s look at what happened in America while the world watched the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq – two wars America has technically lost, but were waged for reasons no one is talking about.

By the end of 2007, America’s 5 leading investment banks were bankrupt, having “misplaced” trillions in assets. Most major corporations were the same, broke, hopelessly, to the extent that the Down Jones Industrial Average had to be reconfigured as the leading companies in America were no longer viable.

If you track such things as credit card debt or home mortgages, you see a different story. Between 2008 and 2010, unemployment in America rose more than 10%. Personal savings collapsed and personal debt rose to unimaginable levels while key industries like arms, oil, and pharmaceuticals (informally known to have immense power over government) made record profits. Wealth was being transferred from the middle class to a small number of elite families.

While the interest rates dropped to almost nothing during Bush 43’s presidency, millions of America’s families sought to protect assets through buying homes that would normally have been unwise, over priced, unaffordable, while media pundits pushed the idea of ballooning real estate markets.

Soon, those homes stood empty. High dollar homes had the walls and wiring and plumbing torn out as angry homeowners packed up and moved in with relatives or simply joined the millions of homeless.

House payments and college loan debt across America ballooned. People were forced to sell and live with a lifetime of debt. Similarly, retirement savings typically lost 72%. A million dollar 401k that would return $5000 a month for life was now only worth a little over $200,000 with an income potential of $200 a month. America’s middle class would work into their mid to late 70’s, with skilled and management retirees sentenced to a decade of menial labor on behalf of the banks that organized the crash.

This, of course pushed the younger generation into military service. With few available jobs, and those were paying well under poverty level, military pay was the highest around. Kids found themselves deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan year after year.

Was this a plan? Was it known that America’s military would exhaust itself, losing its NCO corps, its best officers, its equipment failing? Now they would be exposed to Cold War era enemies and weapons. America herself spent billions on munitions and equipment that now are in the hands of terrorists around the world.

Worse still, is the idea of betrayal. When the Syrian War came into focus, something amazing happened. It became exposed that Washington, along with Saudi Arabia and Turkey, were financing terror groups, al Qaeda and ISIS. Israel was benefiting from it all.

Worse still, the relationship between Saudi Arabia and Israel, formerly assumed to be a “hate/hate” confrontation, now came into focus. Saudi Arabia and Israel, it seems, had been cooperating, not since the 1980s but as early as 1970.

Thus, when Saudi Arabia coordinated the OPEC oil embargo on the US, pushing oil price to stratospheric levels, all based on US aid to Israel during the 1973 War, we see that it might well have been coordinated too.

More recently, it has become known that Saudi Arabia had a major role in 9/11. If they have been close to Israel all along, and if we review issues of 9/11, such as who benefits, it becomes clear that everything since that day has not only benefited Saudi Arabia but Israel as well.

In fact it has become clear that almost all world terrorism, the Paris attacks, Boko Haram in Africa, certainly ISIS – all of it – has benefited Israel and Saudi Arabia.

This may well lead to a hypothesis that interests attributed to the Israeli state actually benefit the Rothschild family more than Israel itself.

But these schemers may be facing unintended consequences. If results are an indicator, Israel faces a unified Syria, Iraq and Iran with powerful Pakistan, Turkey and superpowers Russia and China moving rapidly toward forming a regional power alliance.

Israel is far from secure, anything but. What does exist is endless trillions in debt, the promise of war for another decade or more, chaos, distrust, balkanization around the world, poverty and disease. The signs are clear. This is the business model of the world’s banking system. This is what is meant by “globalism.”


[This is what comes of any nation or group of nations that sell their souls to the Beast System. That system devours and poisons them. America is no exception. She is in bad shape. Her citizens are being dumbed down, to the point of not knowing the meaning of normalcy, or whether they are male or female. -ed]


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