US Continued Intervention in Syria Is Killing Far More Children Than Assad’s Falsely Alleged Chemical Attack

John Vibes –

This week, it seems that the U.S. military may be getting the green light to escalate their war in Syria, after the false-news alleged chemical weapons attack in Douma, which was consequently blamed on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Most Americans don’t realize it, but the U.S. military has already been at war in Syria for years, with indiscriminate drone strikes that many times kill innocent civilians, with thousands of troops also on the ground. This is a war that has been waged without the knowledge of most Americans and without a declaration of war from Congress.

[It is business as usual for the CIA and US military to stage covert attacks and sponsor terrorists like ISIS to murder and create chaos in countries like Syria. Then the US politicians and MSM falsely blame it all on the victims and the victims’ national leaders. For instance, the current claim by Trump that Syrian president Assad gassed some of his own people has been proven to be a completely fabricated lie … not unlike Bush’s and Powel’s proven false claim of “weapons of mass destruction” to facilitate their invasion of Iraq in 2003.]

The coverage that this war has received in the mainstream press—from both liberal and conservative sources—has suggested that the US military is just there trying to help. However, classified State Department documents leaked in 2015 showed that regime change in Syria has been a major goal of the US establishment since well before the Arab Spring when the protests and rebellions in the region began.

Sure enough, as the years have passed, the U.S. military and NATO have taken every opportunity to further their goal of regime change—at the expense of the Syrian people. From arming and funding the rebels/terrorists who would eventually become ISIS, to drone bombing schools and hospitals, the U.S. military has done nothing but add to the death and destruction that people in this part of the world are experiencing.

Considering the pain and bloodshed that the US military and their allies have unleashed upon Syria, it should be easy for anyone with this information to see that the renewed threats on Assad have everything to do with opportunism, and nothing to do with helping Syrians or “punishing the bad guys.”

Sadly, this is nothing new. The U.S. government has a long history of senselessly killing millions of people in wars of conquest that were sold as “humanitarian interventions.” Most recently, the war of regime change in Libya has left the country in ruins, torn by civil war and ravaged by slave traders, where there was once a thriving civilization.

Let’s also not forget about Afghanistan or Iraq for the purpose of regime change, but over a decade later these places are riddled with terrorism, occupied by foreign troops and experiencing a quality of life much lower than they had prior to US interventions.

It is now well established that the war in Iraq was built on a total lie, and that Saddam Hussein never actually had the weapons of mass destruction that were used as a pretext for U.S. invasion. It is almost certain that these stories of Assad using chemical weapons on Syrian people are fabricated lies as well. Former Congressman Ron Paul seems to think that it could be a false flag attack, designed to justify an invasion.

In the string of military conflicts that the United States and NATO have been involved in since World War II, they have always claimed the high road by saying that they were responding to some kind of threat. They bombed the people that they claimed to be helping.

This approach is largely accepted by the general public who seem to rationalize the nonsensical things that are happening in their name. They lie to themselves by thinking that their government is doing good and “policing the world.

Just as ancient Rome’s government could not care less about “spreading civilization” in their conquests, today’s Western governments are not interested in helping other nations or regimes, but rather their goal is to rule the world.

War is, and always has been, about conquest for plunder, power, and strategic influence; and the many wars that we see taking place around the world today are no different.

This fact is not admitted by the national mainstream media, but people around the world are seeing through the cover stories that have been used to sell these wars. According to a 2014 Gallup International survey, people across the world believe that the U.S. government is the greatest threat to world peace. This makes considering the fact that the U.S. has been a country for 242 years and has been at war for 221 of those years.

Research from the European Security Strategy Council found that since 1990, almost 4 million people have died in wars, 90 percent of them civilians, while UNICEF has reported that civilian fatalities have been even higher in recent years.

Given that the U.S. government has such a reputation for mass murder and human rights violations, we should be extremely suspicious whenever anyone in power claims to be doing something noble, especially when military force is involved.


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