Who Are The White Helmets?

[NOTE: The “White Helmets” are portrayed in western media as a volunteer and impartial humanitarian group of medical and crisis workers in Syria. Western media has described them as politically neutral and only interested in helping victims of war. The White Helmets are protrayed like groups such as the Red Cross. However, the White Helmets are not what they claim.

The following exerpt from a longer article on “The Syria Campaign” exposes the “White Helmets” for what they really are … a tool of the western and Israeli war machine as it pits its propaganda and military against Syria and Assad.]


Western media is lying to us on a daily basis about Syria. I encourage everyone to question what they may hear from Trump or from the news media. Look deeper to find truth.

As we saw in 2003 with the Bush regime’s forced war on Iraq, Washington and the news media were lying about everything in order to trick America into accepting a needless war against Iraq. Now Trump and the news media are lying again to

Among The Syria Campaign’s most prominent vehicles for promoting military intervention is a self-proclaimed “unarmed and impartial” civil defense group known as the White Helmets. Footage of the White Helmets saving civilians trapped in the rubble of buildings bombed by the Syrian government and its Russian ally has become ubiquitous in coverage of the crisis. Having claimed to have saved tens of thousands of lives, the group has become a leading resource for journalists and human rights groups seeking information inside the war theater, from casualty figures to details on the kind of bombs that are falling.

But like The Syria Campaign, the White Helmets are anything but impartial. Indeed, the group was founded in collaboration with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)’s Office of Transitional Initiatives, an explicitly political wing of the agency that has funded efforts at political subversion in Cuba and Venezuela. USAID is the White Helmets’ principal funder, committing at least $23 million to the group since 2013. This money was part of $339.6 million budgeted by USAID for “supporting activities that pursue a peaceful transition to a democratic and stable Syria” — or establishing a parallel governing structure that could fill the power vacuum once Bashar Al-Assad was removed.

Thanks to an aggressive public relations push by The Syria Campaign, the White Helmets have been nominated for the Nobel Prize, and have already been awarded the “alternative Nobel” known as the Right Livelihood Award. (Previous winners include Amy Goodman, Edward Snowden and Israeli nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu.) At the same time, the White Helmets are pushing for a NFZ in public appearances and on a website created by The Syria Campaign.

The Syria Campaign has garnered endorsements for the White Helmets from a host of Hollywood celebrities including Ben Affleck, Alicia Keyes and Justin Timberlake. And with fundraising and “outreach” performed by The Syria Campaign, the White Helmets have become the stars of a slickly produced Netflix documentary vehicle that has received hype from media outlets across the West.

But making the White Helmets into an international sensation is just one of a series of successes The Syria Campaign has achieved in its drive to oust Syria’s government.


Here is Carla Ortiz with on-site video of what was the White Helments’ base in Allepo before they were driven out. As you can see, the White Helments worked with al Qaeda, al Nusra, ISIS, ISIL, … all terrorists financed and supported by the US, UK, France, Saudis, Israel and others. All these operations in Allepo were in one close neighborhood working together for years ruining Allepo until Russia and the Syrian military drove them out.


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