Israel Helps Evacuate White Helmets (Terrorists) From Syria, Exports Them To Europe

By Brandon Turbeville

As the Syrian government marches forward with the liberation of the southwestern front, the United States, Europe, Israel, and Jordan are coming to the humanitarian rescue. But they aren’t rescuing civilians from terrorists or even from being caught in the crossfire. Instead, these countries have identified a group of “exceptional refugees” whose lives matter much more than those of the civilians the West has wantonly slaughtered for the last seven years.

Although refusing to open its borders, Israel (apparently the only country in the world that is allowed to maintain borders) has allowed members of the al-Nusra Front propaganda wing known as the White Helmets into Israeli territory on their way to resettlement in Britain, Canada, and Germany according to Jordanian officials. Jordan was also part of the Caravan of Evil.

All in all, around 800 White Helmets were evacuated from Syrian territory.

As Zero Hedge reported,

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) confirmed Israel’s spearheading the move at the request of the United States and European governments. The dead of night operation comes a week after reports first surfaced that serious discussions were held on the matter during the July 11-12 NATO summit in Brussels.

The IDF official twitter account posted the following statement: “Following an Israeli Government directive and at the request of the United States and additional European countries, the IDF recently completed a humanitarian effort to rescue members of a Syrian civil organization and their families.”

The IDF further called the effort “an exceptional humanitarian gesture” and additionally confirmed that the White Helmets were transferred “through Israel”.

The White Helmets are exceptional. They are not mere civilians but well-rehearsed actors who have played such a vital role in the propaganda against the secular Syrian government. They are, without a doubt, the propaganda wing of al Nusra Front, evidence of which I have seen in person when I traveled to East Aleppo after the liberation of that city from the hands of Western-backed terrorists and as Vanessa Beeley and others have documented ad nauseum in the alternative media.

See Vanessa Beeley’s article “SYRIA: The White Helmet Exodus Managed by ‘Regime-Change’ Coalition.

Is the West really evacuating its own intelligence agents and intelligence assets?

Indeed, even when one ignores the fact that the White Helmets were created by a French mercenary and funded by the US and UK, the group’s track record shows a level of anticipation and delivery of propaganda videos and recordings of “incidents” coinciding with the interests of Western governments that is so uncanny that one could scarcely believe that the group was working in any way in an independent fashion. No organization working to demonize the Syrian government and capitalize on political events on an independent basis would ever have such a string of luck and “coincidences” as the White Helmets have had without prior consultation and direct communication with intelligence agencies.

But the questions, important as they are, have been made irrelevant. Either way, al-Qaeda is heading to Europe and North America and, given the recent intentional demographic shifts in those populations, it will find fertile ground in which to grow until the time it is called upon again to reshape the Western world with false flag or state sponsored terror.


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