More than 120 homes restored in Syria in one week

Hundreds of Syrian refugees return to their homes in Syria after security and peace was restored by the Syrian Arab Army with help from Russia. Syrian refugees want to go home but have been prevented by terrorist bombings and killings in their former homeland.

The terrorists were sponsored by US, Europe, Saudi Arabia, and Israel (the leaders of NATO). Their goal is to destabilize all countries that wish to be independent of western control. In other words, the middle-east and eastern nations (mostly Muslim) are deemed evil because they want to be left alone. Russia, by the same token, is labeled evil by the US because Putin is helping those who wish to remain independent – like Syria and Iran for instance. Now the Syrian army, with Russia’s help, is finally driving the terrorist forces out, and the Syrian refugees who were driven out of their homeland by the terrorists are starting to return, and happy to do it.

Schools Reopening In Syria

August 8, 2018 – More than 120 homes have been restored in Syria over the past week, head of the Russian National Center for Defense Management Mikhail Mizintsev said on Wednesday.

“Extensive work is being carried out to restore the infrastructure. Just over the past week 123 homes were restored, and two kindergartens, one school and one electric station were opened,” Mizintsev said at a session of the interagency headquarters on the repatriation of Syrian refugees.

As many as 46 schools, 19 pre-school facilities, 33 bakeries, 28 water pump stations, 12 electric power stations, 14 medical facilities and 227 homes are being restored and repaired in 59 communities in the Aleppo, Rif Dimashq, Deir ez-Zor, Hama and Homs Governorates.

According to the Defense Ministry, 89 medical facilities and 217 educational facilities were restored, 273 km of roads were repaired, 202 km of electricity transmission lines were installed, as well as 86 electric substations, 71 water supply facilities and two fuel and energy complexes were launched in Syria lately.

A Syrian entrepreneur came up with a promising way of providing cheap housing for the people of Syria by importing prefabricated wooden buildings from Russia.

Habib Muhammed, a native of Syria currently living in the Russian city of Tyumen, seeks to make a contribution to the postwar reconstruction of his home country via his new project, which may help provide housing to thousands of displaced people who lost their homes during the Syrian conflict.

Russian-made prefabricated wooden houses are being imported to Syria and assembled there, which should be cheaper than building the more traditional stone houses.

“These houses would be affordable to all people regardless of their level of income. About 60-70 percent of Syrians have little money and cannot afford to buy housing, as real estate prices in Syria are quite steep. But wooden houses may help solve this problem,” Muhammed said.

He also added that the warm climate and heat won’t be a problem for these wooden buildings as, for example, wooden houses had already been built in neighboring Lebanon.

“We’re going to build houses using modern technologies, but we’ll also implement the knowledge of the past. These will be either wooden or wood and stone houses. Just like the houses in Russia, they will have saunas. The wood will be treated with a special compound to make it resistant to fire, humidity and insects. Houses like these are transported and are assembled on-site like a construction set,” the entrepreneur explained.

According to Muhammed, the houses will be constructed by Russian specialists who will also help teach their Syrian colleagues how to erect these buildings.


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