Permanent US Occupation of Syria Planned

(Trump promised to pull US troops out of Syria. But will he?)

by Stephen Lendman – Pravda.RU

US new millennium wars on humanity rage endlessly with no prospect for resolution. It is a modern-day great game with stakes far higher than earlier. Today’s weapons are infinitely more powerful.

Resource control is a major US objective, along with dominating all other countries and eliminating challengers to its aim for global hegemony.

US special forces and troops are deployed in three-fourths of nations worldwide – the Pentagon’s global empire of bases, used as launching pads for endless wars.

CIA operatives are everywhere. Their objectives are sinister. Who needs diplomacy when brute force works best. This is the way the US has operated post-WW II with rare exceptions, especially since Soviet Russia’s dissolution December 1991.

Globally deployed US forces come to stay, not leave. Syria is no exception. Bolton, Pompeo, and the Pentagon state their plan more openly than Trump.

On Sunday, Bolton said there’s no timeline for withdrawing US troops from Syria. They’ll remain on the phony pretext of combating the scourge of ISIS. But that is a lie. Washington created and supports ISIS and protects Kurds in the northern parts of the country. The US doesn’t give a hoot about the Kurds. They’re used serve US interests, to be abandoned when no longer needed. On Monday, Iraqi deputy popular mobilization committee chairman Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis said “The US claim of pullout from Syria to Iraq is an old trick,” adding:

“The US security and military bodies are there for running the crises in the region. As Kurdish forces have witnessed, the Americans can never be trusted in the region” – or anywhere else.

Lebanese General Amin Hatit said US forces in Syria will likely remain indefinitely. Iranian Defense Minister General Amir Hatami vowed to continue aiding Damascus combat the scourge of (US-supported) terrorism in the country, saying:

“The Syrian nation has fended off a major threat posed to the nation and the region by fighting against terrorism, and we will accompany Syria until final victory as we have been standing beside the Syrian nation so far.”

Iran will also aid reconstruction in the country. Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali Shamkhani stressed that his military advisors in Syria ate there at the behest of Damascus.

Washington and its allies are illegal occupiers – “invaders,” Assad called them. Bolton said withdrawal of US forces from Syria is on hold, effectively saying  they’ll stay, not leave.

On Monday, Pompeo was asked if there’s a timeline for withdrawing US forces from Syria. “Nope,” he responded, adding “we don’t talk about timelines.”

He slammed Iran, turning truth on its head saying Obama “let Iran run loose,” repeating the Big Lie, falsely claiming the Islamic Republic is “the world’s largest state sponsor of terror” – but that dubious distinction applies to the US, NATO, and Israel.

He lied saying the US eliminated “99%” of ISIS in Syria, but the truth is thatWashington supports them. Thousands of its jihadists remain in Syria, the region, Afghanistan and elsewhere – deployed wherever the US wants them used as proxy troops.

Withdrawal of Pentagon forces from Syria is frozen. Weapons and munitions continue flowing into the country, including cross-border from Turkey, Iraq, Jordan and Israel.

Asked if US withdrawal began, Pompeo said “I’m not going to talk about that.” What about other US personnel in the country? Pompeo declined to comment.

Saying the Trump regime is “trying to make sure that Israel and the Palestinians find a peaceful way forward.” But that is a lie.

Trump’s no-peace/peace for Palestinians remains on hold, dead before arrival. A so-called “coalition,” consisting of 95% America, Britain, and France, continues using ISIS and other jihadists as imperial foot soldiers.

Pompeo maintained the myth about an Iranian aim to develop nuclear weapons – another lie told to justify the thousands of US nuclear weapons.

Israel is the region’s nuclear state, along with America’s presence.

According to AMN News, citing Turkish media, Erdogan intends asking the Trump regime to give Ankara control over the Pentagon’s “22 military bases” in Syria if US forces withdraw.

Pulling out is increasingly unlikely. The US intends permanent occupation of Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and other countries, along with waging endless wars on humanity.

That’s what imperialism is all about.


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