A major decision for Americans is coming soon. Will you submit to the COVID vaccine the US Government and Bill Gates are developing? Or will you refuse to take it? You must decide!

I urge you to watch the above documentary – for your sake and for the sake of your precious children. You can’t afford to ignore this. If you make the wrong choice in this matter the result can change your life in ways you cannot imagine. Once the deed is done it cannot be reversed or undone. You cannot un-ring this bell. Your decision will be irreversible and it will affect your life and the lives of you children.

The time is now – especially for parents. You need to make an informed decision – which means you must start now to inform yourself and understand the issue. If you neglect this responsibility it can ruin your life.

The VAXXED II documentary (above) may be the most important video for this particular time in America that you’ve seen. Listen to the mothers and watch them as they share their personal heart-rendering experiences.

Please don’t put this off or ignore it. Consider yourself warned. You cannot claim that you didn’t know. You have the ability to inform yourself about this issue. God holds you responsible.


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