This video was censored by YOUTUBE. Doctor Northrup explains what COVID-19 vaccine will do to you.

Dr. Christiane Northup explains the danger of the coming COVID-19 vaccine. This is the best short explanation I’ve heard. I’ve verified all these points, but this is the first Dr. I’ve heard who puts it all into one concise statement. She also offers the best advice I’ve heard from a doctor – pray to God. And I might add, tell your family and friends.

There has never been a vaccine like this one. It is a genetic vaccine (it alters genes). Anyone who takes it will be infected with DNA from animals (monkeys, pigs, etc.) as well as material from aborted human fetuses (lung tissue from aborted babies, etc.), and a variety of toxic chemicals.

Dr. Northrup explains, among other points, that this is an RNA vaccine – a “trans infection” vaccine. It will change people’s DNA and turn them into “chimers” (chimeras are creatures with one body composed of two or more separate and different genetic organisms with separate and different DNA – as illustrated in the drawing above). In effect, it will turn you into a composite body – part human and part something else. And once it is injected into your body there is no way to reverse the effect. You are changed for life and God only knows the effect it will have on you. You will no longer have the genetics you were born with.

You have only one chance to make the right decision – to reject this vaccine. You better make the right choice, because once it is injected it cannot be reversed. That bell cannot be unrung.


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