Oregon doctor who refused to wear mask has medical license suspended


The Oregon Medical Board suspended the license of Dr. Steven LaTulippe who said he refused to wear a mask in his clinic and encouraged others to do the same.

LaTulippe announced at a rally on Nov. 7 that he and his staff never wore masks and explained that the coronavirus has been around forever and is a “common cold.”

“I want to expose what I call corona mania,” LaTulippe said.

[NOTE: We’ve known that masks are unable to filter the tiny viruses. Wearing a mask to block viruses is completely ineffective. All claims to the contrary are lies. People wearing masks are only showing a shameful lack of intelligence.

We’ve also known that viruses mutate rapidly. The corona virus that they claim started the “pandemic” months ago is already mutated and is now a different virus against which the vaccine will be ineffective even if it would have worked against the original virus (which it wouldn’t). The only defense against viruses is our immune systems. Any doctor worth his salt knows this. But they go along with the scam for money and in order to keep their businesses open. It has always been silly (dishonest) for pharmaceutical companies to claim to be developing a vaccine to treat a coming flu season. By the time the vaccines are produced the virus has mutated and we’ve already built up our immunity against it. If this wasn’t the case, and if the corona virus (which has been around for ages) was as deadly as they are claiming, we couldn’t have survived. We’d be extinct. Viruses have been around forever – and vaccines are only a modern thing. We survived viruses for thousands of years without modern medicine and vaccines. Use your God-given brain and think about this.

The common cold and flu are viruses we’ve lived with all our lives. Vaccines didn’t come into the picture until the 1950s – and they’ve never been anything but a hoax and a scam for profit. I and my family never took a flu shot, and I always advised against it. It doesn’t take much intelligence to see the fallacy of flu shots. So why do people continue to fall for the lies? It should make you very skeptical of anyone promoting the vaccines along with the bad science behind them.

It is obvious that most doctors will compromise themselves and promote vaccines when their overlords tell them to, or when there is profit for them. Over the years the doctors, clinics, and Big Pharma that have pushed vaccines have proven that they are liars and criminally guilty of duping people who trust them and don’t think their doctor would mislead them. The result is that people’s health is being assaulted, children are getting their lives ruined. See THE REAL HISTORY OF VACCINES. The vaccines are causing untold damage and death. -Ben]

Dr. LaTulippe says: “I and my staff, none of us, not once, ever wore a mask in my clinic.” “Take off the mask of shame!”

Members of the Oregon Medical Board voted Thursday to revoke LaTulippe’s medical license indefinitely.

The board also found that LaTulippe told patients seeking his guidance in July not to get tested if they were asymptomatic, and that wearing a mask is ineffective – contrary to what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advise.

The board therefore found the doctor “constitutes an immediate danger to the public, and presents a serious danger to the public health and safety.”

The perpetrators of disinformation cannot allow a doctor who speaks truth to remain in business. It is like the Jews who could not allow Jesus, who spoke truth, to remain alive.

“I’m very interested in sound medical practice, and I’m interested in good science,” LaTulippe said. “And when science and medicine become perverted with corrupt politics, then I’m up for a fight, and that’s what made me go to that rally and say what I said.”


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