Sue them for Slander!

Steve Richards – 12/9/2020

I have had enough and it is time to hold people accountable. When I am out in public and someone says I need to wear a mask, my first question is: “Why?”

“Well, so you don’t kill Grandma. What is wrong with you, Richards? Don’t you know everyone could be infected?”

Therein lies the problem. It is being assumed everyone is bad. What proof do you have that I am a threat to anyone? What evidence do you have? I demand you produce the proof that I’m infected, and that masks protect you!

The Law dictionary defines slander as: “oral defamation; spoken words that defame a person in front of others and that cause harm or some damage.” It defines defamation as: “The publication of material injurious to a person’s good name and reputation. Includes both libel and slander.”

Some governors and media people have been claiming that if you do not wear a mask, you are hurting people. Now, people are assuming all people are bad, and masks guard against them. Here is one example:

“Where is your mask?”

“What’s it to you?”

“You are infecting the place.”

This exchange I had in a store shows that the person is automatically assuming that everyone is infected, or everyone is bad. Therefore, since everyone is infected, everyone must receive the medical procedure of wearing a mask or the public will not tolerate their badness.

Of course, the soon coming accusation will be: “If you do not get a vaccine, you are infecting people.”

They are basically saying: “If you do not get a vaccine, you are bad – hurting people.”

Again, why is it being assumed I am bad? What proof do you have that I am a threat to anyone? What evidence do you have? You are making the wild accusations. I demand you produce the proof.

Anyone who tells me to wear a mask better be ready to show evidence that proves I am infected and spreading infection. No evidence, then I am going to sue them for slander. I am done with this. If you are going to claim I am a threat for not wearing a mask, you better have some proof or you are going to get sued. I am done with it. I have had it with the media whipping up the public with their wild claims to the point that a huge number of people now assume everyone is infected and everyone should be feared for no provable reason. Because they assume I am bad, I must perform the ritual they claim will make me good:  Wear a mask, social distance, and on and on it goes.

It does not work that way. If you are going to claim I am infected, you better have proof. If not, once I am suing you for slander, I am going to make you produce it in discovery. What symptoms do you claim I have? What tests do you claim were done? What doctor do you claim says I am infected? What is the name of that doctor’s malpractice insurance company?

It makes me wonder when restaurants will file their lawsuits against the people that slandered them. It has been claimed that people get infected in restaurants. What is the proof of that accusation? What test shows the infection happens in a restaurant and not Wal-Mart? If certain governors and media people are going to claim restaurants hurt people they should have proof. A slander lawsuit would require the people who are making the accusations produce the evidence. If there is no evidence, then they need to pay for the damages they caused.

Restaurants have been afraid of being sued because someone might claim they got COVID in their establishment. It is time for restaurants to demand evidence. If there is no evidence, make the people hurting the bars and restaurants pay for the damages. The time is long past that the people making these wild accusations be held accountable.

It has been said you cannot scream fire in a crowded theater when there is no fire. What is never-ending COVID coverage, if not screaming fire in a crowded theater?


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