Lancaster County – Amish Community Is Covid Free

Those who don’t watch TV and don’t get “tested” don’t get COVID  (i.e., they don’t get tricked into thinking they have COVID).

Without any vaccines at all, an Amish community in Lancaster County Pennsylvania has reached herd immunity from the COVID-19 scamdemic that continues to panic everyone else who remains glued to their TV. “Experts” have said that interaction with others and getting the virus has lead to herd immunity, but you should still get the “vaccine.”

Is this yet another piece of evidence that the lockdowns did more harm than good? We would say so, especially considering they don’t want herd immunity to come naturally, they want it forced into your body in the form of experimental gene therapy.

But don’t worry. The propaganda continues. You can bet you’ll be hearing about another wave, a new variant, and the need to get “vaccinated” again against this “deadly” disease (which 99.98% of people survive). Why? Isn’t it obvious? They lie and murder to maintain control!



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