The Forbidden COVID-19 Chronicles Why Many People Are Not Getting a COVID Vaccine

Pamela A. Popper, President, Wellness Forum Health – 4/26/21

According to government propaganda, which is delivered by the obedient media daily, people are excited about getting COVID vaccines. We are told that some people have had to drive 2-3 hours in order to get a vaccine because there were no available vaccines in their city or town. And that those who can get vaccines are lucky, as the demand far outweighs the supply. Many are strongly encouraging people to get a COVID vaccine and tell us that they are working hard to make sure that more doses are coming soon to meet the incredible demand.

But it’s a big lie! More people are refusing the vaccine than are accepting it – even in parts of China. People all over the world are hesitant about these vaccines and many are the ones who we are told are the most vulnerable – first responders and healthcare workers.

Take China, for example. Communist governments are good at coercing people to do as they are told. Yet in the northeastern part of China what is now referred to as “vaccine hesitancy” is alive and well. Internal documents obtained by a rare curious reporter show that in Xintai, only 3 out of 66 officials (people like law enforcement officers) have gotten the jab. Reasons cited for not getting vaccinated are illness, allergy, pregnancy, recent surgery, and having a cold. Allergy was the top reason cited – twenty-two times. Twenty people cited high blood pressure and five mentioned diabetes as a reason for refusal. This is interesting since these are conditions that supposedly make people more likely to become very sick with COVID. Apparently the Chinese are less afraid of the virus than they are of the vaccine.

Xintai is not the only place in China where there is little enthusiasm for COVID vaccines. In Tai’an County only four of the fifty-six members of the Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau got the shot. One person declined saying he had a toothache, while others said they were taking Chinese medicines or had other illnesses.

The CCP is promoting the idea that government officials and others should lead by example. But in a country of almost 1.4 billion people, only 100 million people have been vaccinated. That’s fewer than the vaccinated in America or Europe. Apparently the Chinese are smarter than Americans. Supply is not the problem – China has shipped free doses of vaccines to sixty-nine countries.

It is interesting that China is resorting to the same tactics U.S. dictators are using to promote vaccines. Officials are now telling people that they will not be able to use public transportation or go out to eat or send their children to school if they don’t get the jab. The Communists are now copying America’s playbook! The U.S. is now a leader in the world in government coercion.

But coercion in the U.S. is not working well either. A Gallup poll reported that 51% of healthcare workers and first responders did not want to get a COVID vaccine, even if it was “Free, available, FDA approved, and 90% effective.” Gallup opined that this was concerning since these are people are considered at highest risk of getting COVID-19.

In California, over half of the healthcare workers at St. Elizabeth Community Hospital in Tehama County; an estimated 50% of front-line workers in Riverside County; and 40% in Los Angeles County refused the vaccine.

In Georgia, only 30% of health care workers have been inoculated In Ohio, 60% of nursing-home workers refused the vaccine.

Why is this? Many front-line workers see first-hand what happens to those who get a COVID-19 vaccine.  As soon as the vaccination program began in Norway, 13 deaths were reported in nursing homes.

Some of the injured people are healthcare workers themselves. In fact, there have been so many seriously injured or hospitalized healthcare workers, some medical facilities are experiencing staffing shortages.

In France, the government advised hospitals to stagger the vaccination schedule in order to keep staffing levels high enough to provide medical services. In Sweden, two of the country’s 21 health care regions had to stop vaccinating their staff after 25% of those who were vaccinated developed a fever or flu-like symptoms. In Austria, vaccinations from a batch of vaccines was suspended after one vaccinated nurse died and another required hospitalization. In the German state of Saarland over 50% of healthcare workers failed to show up for their scheduled vaccination appointment.

It appears that the general public is catching on. Even government sponsored media cannot hide the fact that the vaccine supply exceeds the demand nationwide. According to the Centers for Disease Control, many states are only using 25% of the doses they receive.

Health officials report that Mercer County, Ohio, was one of the hardest-hit with COVID cases, yet the mass vaccination clinics have been dismantled due to lack of demand. This is going on in many other states too. The mass vaccination site in Albany Georgia closed due to lack of interest.

Here’s an email I’ll share with you that provides some insight:

Note: I have blocked location information in order to protect the person who sent this email.

I just wanted to fill you in on some info that I have seen about the “vaccine.” I’ve been a medical transcriptionist for 35 years. In the past couple of weeks I have noted that hospital admissions for serious vaccine reactions are outnumbering COVID patients by 4 to 1.  So I started keeping track of the various reactions.  In the past week, a gentleman in his early 70’s was admitted with sudden stroke-like symptoms two days after receiving his second shot.  Tests did not show that he had a stroke, but before the shot he was fully functional and independent, and overnight he became disoriented and unable to care for himself.  The only cause they could find was receiving the AstraZeneca injection.  Two people in their 60’s were hospitalized within 2 weeks of their vaccines with high fever, confusion, and muscle stiffness.  Most serious was a 55-year-old man who suffered from neuroleptic malignant syndrome a few days after his second shot.  His symptoms included weakness, cough, myalgia, atrial fibrillation and pulmonary edema.  During the same week there was only one patient who was admitted with COVID.  Keep in mind this is a small sample because I only work 20 hours a week and there are several other transcriptionists on this same account.  But it really makes me think if I can run across this much in a week, how much more there must be that I don’t know about.


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