Vaccine Update With Dr. Sherry Tenpenny

Please pay attention to what Dr. Tenpenny is saying. The threat is not COVID. There is less than 1% chance of dying from COVID (if it actually exists). The real threat is the shot itself. It is a killing machine.

Protect yourselves. We expect huge numbers of sick and dying by this fall for those who got the COVID shots. Prepare your minds and hearts for what may be coming. And I emphasize – stay away from people who have had the shots. Some kinds of sicknesses are being transmitted from them to others who didn’t get the shot.

Keeping your distance can be difficult when it is friends or acquaintances. But those who went ahead and ignored the warnings and got the shots have done it to themselves. Don’t let them take you down with them. They have chosen their fate.

In January and February, 2021, this 48-year-old surgeon doctor in Ohio mocked “anti-vaxxers,” got his COVID injection, composed his own jesting and facetious obituary in the same mocking fashion, and died soon thereafter.

In Syracuse, New York a 57-Year-Old Man mocked “anti-vaxxers,” joking that he “was ready to turn into a robot” as he got his Johnson & Johnson Shot. He died Seven Days later.

Sadly, most people have an idolatrous faith in the Beast System to the point that they will do whatever they are told to do without questioning it – and they ridicule anyone who asks questions or has doubts about the veracity of Bill Gates or Anthony Fauci. They risk their lives, and lose their lives.

The shots are killing people, and will kill many more. The shots are causing abortions, infertility, blood clots, heart attacks, brain disorders, neurological disorders, autoimmune reactions, and more. Vaccinated people could die in huge numbers by this fall. For most people it takes a few months after the shots for the problems to manifest. Thousands have died right away, but many more are expected to die from the shots later this year.

To add to the bizarre problem, people who didn’t get the shot are now contracting odd diseases from those who did get the shots. It isn’t clear how this is happening, but it is fact. It is sad, but those who chose to get the shots are now carriers of disease. They are like lepers and are increasingly being avoided by those who are in the know.

Make your stand. Protect yourself and your family. Don’t have physical contact with people who might be vaccinated. Those who get the shot will not understand and may want you to feel guilty. Just remember your life and the lives of your loved ones are on the line. When in question, it is best to err on the side of caution.

Ivermectin may be important. It is available from It is advertised for horse dewormer. Dr. Tenpenny recommends it. It is safe and cheap. It may be the best and safest way to protect yourself from flu and the transmission of deadly effects from people who took the COVID shots. Go HERE for information about the effectiveness of Ivermectin.


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