The fake news in the mainstream media is absolutely astounding. The fact is, there is hardly anything they report that is believable or worthwhile. Possibly some weather reports, but even those can be questionable.

In the international news today panic is raging in India about COVID sweeping the nation, and people dropping dead all over the place, and the hospitals being so full of dead and dying that sick people can’t get in. All this, we are told, is the result of a “second wave” of COVID – and India is now paying for kicking Bill Gates’ and his Gardasil vaccines out of their country, and for daring to declare a few months ago that COVID was no problem in India. Now they must pay – and payment is being enforced by the lying media publishing blatant lies about the “pandemic” there – like this article in the Guardian, and this clip. You can do your own searches to find many more witnesses. Don’t search the mainstream news media or YouTube. All you’ll get there is lies. Search sources from Indians who live there – information that isn’t created and/or edited by the government.

There are scores of personal witnesses reporting via videos and articles that it is all lies and people are going about their usual lives in India – as shown in this video clip. The people on the streets show pictures and interviews which completely disprove what the controlled news is saying. The mainstream media is publishing lies and propaganda. If you doubt this, you need to do more investigation. What’s killing people in India is the fact that everyone is being deprived of their means to make a living and provide for themselves. And now more Indians are being scared into submitting to the bio-weapon injections that will probably kill even more people.

Here is a graph showing the effect the COVID shots are having in India.

Death toll blamed on COVID has risen from near zero before the injections began, to over 4000 in less than a month as the result of the injections. The shots are killing them.

Here is another chart from March 2020 showing the average death rates of the annual flu compared to the COVID-claimed deaths. As you can see, more people die of flu than from what they are calling “COVID.”

In India the death toll is always high. India has about 1.4 billion people, many of whom live in slums without electricity, clean water, sanitation systems, etc. And most of these cannot afford to pay for a decent burial of their dead, so they often end up buried in the soft sand of the river banks and then washed into the rivers. Reporters then take pictures of the bodies floating in the river and claim they are COVID victims. Those who can afford a few sticks of wood to form a fire (pyre) burn their dead. People there die in great numbers – they always die in great numbers – dealing with dead bodies is a big problem in India. Most death is from starvation, abandonment, cholera, food or waterborne diseases, bacterial diarrhea, hepatitis A and E, and typhoid fever. COVID (so-called) is not the problem. Now with the Indian government shutting down the people’s businesses (where they barely made enough to feed their families), shutting down charity organizations, and food distribution – now they have more starvation, sickness, and death than usual. Of course, it is all being called COVID, and many duped Indians are rushing to get their COVID shots that will kill even more of them.

The rich feed on the ignorance and desperation of the poor.

It is the same the world around – including here in America. So how do we protect ourselves? Our number one defense is to seek our Lord and pray that He will open our eyes to equip us with sound minds and make us aware of the wicked ways of the Beast System. Without this we cannot make good decisions or avoid being swept up by the lies and the blind panic.


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