The Best Detailed Explanation Of Why PCR Tests For COVID-19 Are Frauds And Testing Labs Know It

The only real pandemic is a pandemic of quack science and PCR testing fraud

The politicians, the doctors, and the news media have conspired to lie to the public, scare everyone, and shut down businesses and even homes around the world – all based on blatant deception. How many of these devils are outright liars, and how many are simply careless fools parroting what they are told to say? Well, in the long run it doesn’t matter. They are ALL doing their part to destroy lives and literally murder millions of people with their fake, quackery “science.” Americans are proving to be fools, lemmings, sheep led to the slaughter for allowing themselves to be duped by devils with lies that are so easily detected that a child could see through them.

Listen to Mike Adams explain in simple language that anyone can follow, how and why the PCR tests are known frauds that have been used to scare the public to submit to the deadly COVID shots as well as close down the world. Doctors who give these shots, of all people, should understand this. Why don’t they? Or do they care?


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