Media is populated by celebrities, preachers, politicians, and news personalities who will say anything for money. They are puppets controlled by billionaires (like Bill Gates). They are the scum of the Earth, and should never be trusted. We’ve also learned that an estimated 50% of people who got the first COVID shot, including those on ads promoting how safe the shots are, actually got placebos (saline solution) instead of the mRNA bio-weapon shot. It is almost unbelievable how far these devils will go to accomplish their agenda. All the “important” people (Biden, Harris, Trump, Pompeo, and the celebrities – as well as many “unimportant” people who got their shots, actually received a placebo instead of the real poison. By doing this they are able to show that not everyone reacted or were harmed by the shot, and that it is “safe.”

The people behind this campaign are wicked monsters – and they have a lot to answer for.

The doctors who push the “vaccines” are selling their souls like Judas sold out Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. They are doing dastardly things for money – things that literally kill people and maim children. For instance, doctors who push vaccinations are paid thousands of dollars for meeting their quota of child patients. Pediatricians are  now scheduling over 70 vaccinations their child patients from birth to 18 years old. Also Dr. Scott Jensen verified that hospitals are being paid $13,000 for each admitted patient they list as having COVID-19, and $339,000 for each patient put on a ventilator (ventilators damage patient’s lungs).

Now the government is actually bribing people to get the jab – giving ice cream to kids and cash to adults who will roll up their sleeves and get in line for a shot. And still people wander in a trance as if nothing is wrong or suspicious. 

Today we are at a critical time. War is being waged upon us by wicked people in power, and by brainwashed minions programmed to follow mandates without questioning. Anyone who is not alarmed is not paying attention and will be a victim. I urge everyone to do research. More than ever, your health, your life, and your welfare are at stake.


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