Outright war is being waged by the US Government, state governments, and their agencies in the media. They are waging war against Americans. The lives and safety of American families are under attack.

Idaho governor Brad Little, in this announcement, is reading a script provided for him by his co-conspirators in positions above him in the US Government (the Beast System). These monsters have no shame as they orchestrate the destruction of people’s health, families, and businesses – all for the purpose of increasing their tyrannical control over our lives. As a result, large numbers of people are beginning to see that they cannot trust government or the controlled news media. Anyone who can’t see what is happening today has a mental problem. One has to be blind to not see it, and that makes him part of the problem.

Idaho so far, in spite of devils like Governor Brad Little, has remained relatively spared from the onslaught of the murderous liars and their intent to kill millions and rob the general populace of what freedoms they have left. And the devils are not backing down or slowing their assault against us. They obviously have no fear of being exposed. They’ve been getting away with lying and killing for so long they think they can safely continue forever.

It is a war of lies and propaganda – as is the case in every war. But this war is different. The usual war is waged against other nations, and the propaganda is used against Americans to incite fear and gain support for government in the unjust wars. However, this time both the war and the propaganda are aimed directly against Americans. And incredibly, most Americans (the actual victims) don’t understand that the war even exists. In fact, Americans are being drawn in as soldiers in the war, trained enforcers to prosecute the war against themselves. It is cruel and insidious. Business owners and schools are being encouraged to enforce Bill Gate’s mandates and demand that customers and students carry proof of being vaccinated.

Nothing Brad Little is saying in this news clip is true. The only hospitals that are stressed are the ones that are losing their staff – their doctors and nurses – who are choosing to quit and walk away rather than be part of the crime against the people. Many are deciding it is time to retire. So they are being replaced by military personnel who are not doctors nor are they trained health workers. But I guess they can shove needles into the arms of idiots.

America is looking more and more like a third world country.

Greater numbers people are learning, much to the surprise of some of them, that they can’t trust the government or the mainstream media. And this is good! I pray that the arrogance of these devils will be exposed, and that people will learn who their real enemies are.


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