Public Health Scotland: vast majority of “COVID” deaths in the country are occurring in people who are “fully vaccinated”

Public Health Scotland has released new data showing that the vast majority of “covid” deaths in the country are occurring in people who are “fully vaccinated.”

Scots who took both doses of Donald “father of the vaccine” Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” injections comprise 75 percent of all covid-related deaths.

The remaining 20 percent of deaths being blamed on COVID are determined by the fraudulent PCR test which cannot diagnose any disease. That makes the whole COVID industry a complete farce – and the sickness or deaths are due to the bioweapon shots, not “COVID.”

Mind you, there are no unvaccinated people who are going from healthy to unhealthy to death in a matter of days or even hours. This is, however, happening to people who get the shots.

Some of these “fully vaccinated” people are quite literally dropping dead unexpectedly from the jabs, which authorities and the media have no way to explain.

The healthiest people are those who do not take the jabs and who develop natural immunity to whatever it is that is circulating (colds, flu, etc.), while those who get jabbed are more prone to getting sick and dying.

Don’t you think we should have figured all of this out before we went on a vaccine spree with fraudulentd technology that you cannot turn around and undo if it goes badly?

In 1976 when 53 people died from the Swine Flu jab the vaccine fiasco was halted. But now after tens of thousands of vaccine deaths and millions of vaccine injuries all we hear is that they want to jab (and kill) more and more.

Unvaccinated need to get vaccinated to protect the vaccinated – HUH!?

To explain away all the injuries and deaths occurring in people who are “fully vaccinated,” the establishment is now claiming that the unvaccinated are spreading illness to the vaccinated.

Because not every person is taking the jabs, those who did take them do not have protection, we are told. My vaccine protects you, and your vaccine protects me, is the latest version of the story.

That anyone believes such nonsense says a lot about the collective stupidity of the masses. Either that or the government and media think we are all so stupid as to believe that a vaccine only works if everyone gets it.

“Never before in history has there been a need to ‘protect the vaccinated,’” Denninger explains. “There isn’t one now unless the jabs not only don’t work, but make infection worse – and they know it.”

“The point of a vaccine is to gain personal protection. I have written about this many times; the premise of ‘herd immunity’ is in fact why epidemic spread of any pathogen stops being a material concern.


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