The war industry deserves our attention. Who or what creates wars? Wars are NEVER created by the people of the countries. Wars are ALWAYS created by the governments (politicians) of the countries. Wars are between governments, not between people.

Think about that.

And yet, the politicians who foment wars never do the fighting. Rather, they send your children to fight … for reasons that the soldiers never understand.

Wars are definitely necessary. But for what purpose? Read on and you’ll see.

Wars are needed to empower governments and politicians. Wars are employed by governments to give the false impression of credibility and purpose for politicians and governments – to “protect” the citizens.

Right? But protection from what? Certainly not protection from our main threat!! Not protection from the threat that daily wars against us!

Governments constantly war against their citizenry to keep them conquered and compliant. Governments need power, but not for the benefit of their citizens. Rather, governments need power to rule over their own citizens. A good war always brings a president’s approval rating up. Without the benefit of wars no government could keep its power over a nation.

Have you ever wondered why we are told there are “enemy countries” from which we must be protected – even though those countries offer no real threat against us as a people? But at the same time there are always numerous threats from our own government that against us? Who is the real threat that can ruin our lives if we aren’t obedient citizens? So, some people are realizing that our real enemy is much closer than they had thought. Who should we fear the most?

Wars are necessary to distract and misdirect us – to keep governments in power. Even “cold wars” serve the purpose to keep people worried and on edge. So any time you see a war you can know for sure that some government is establishing its base of power over its own citizens, coalescing them behind a flag and a huge fear that some “evil power” is out to “destroy our way of life.”

But thinking people may ask … what is the real agenda and purpose?

The United States has deployed at least 30 M109A7 Paladin self-propelled howitzers on the border between Russia and Belarus.

After the US transferred several dozens of tanks, armoured vehicles and several thousands of NATO troops to the border with Belarus, it became known that the United States additionally deployed at least 30 self-propelled M109A7 Paladin howitzers (155 mm caliber) to the borders of Belarus and Russia.

The weapons were delivered by several trains from Germany. Taking into account the range of M109A7 Paladin howitzers, the territories of Russia and its neighbour Belarus lie within the reach of the American military.

Washington has not yet commented on the deployment of US or US-controlled NATO weapons and military equipment to the borders of Belarus and Russia.

While the USA is not ready to risk an attack on either Belarus or Russia, the Americans are trying to exert psychological pressure. But any aggression against either Russia or Belarus will trigger retaliation.

Meanwhile, several US strategic bombers have been practicing for nuclear attacks on Russia and were reported flying over the Black Sea area near Russian borders. They are flying out of US bases in Sicily, Crete, Cyprus and Romania. The US has 1000 (or more) military bases around the world, and spends more (by orders of magnitude) on war machinery than any other nation on Earth. The US Military Industrial Complex (as Eisenhower named it) has no less a mission than to rule all the nations of the world.

In other words, the most dangerous, threatening, and feared war machine in the world is the US Government.

In 1967 The Report From Iron Mountain was published. It was the report from a hand-picked committee called to explore and report their thoughts about the possibility of a lasting peace and the consequences it would have on American society. The report concluded that peace may never be possible; that even if it were, it would probably be undesirable in that “defending the national interest” is not the real purpose of war (as I explained above).

Click on this link to read the report.


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