Barbie and Pornography

Mattel’s Barbie is a monument to western debauchery of children. She was a brainchild of Jewish merchandising that helped to torpedo the minds of little American girls. Now, it appears that Barbie is dead, at least in China’s factories where she was being manufactured under Jewish ownership. It seems America (Barbies marketplace) has moved on to newer and greater ways to pervert its children.

Remember JonBenét Ramsey of 25 years ago? She was a little 6-year-old girl marketed by her parents to be a child Barbie doll. She was murdered – a child victim of America’s perversion.

Mattel’s Barbie doll is being discontinued in China’s factories where she was being produced. And good riddance. Barbie didn’t quite cut it with Chinese shoppers in the big city, and Americans now have moved on to more hardcore pornography and pedophilia.

For those of you who don’t know, Barbie was never designed for children.

Barbie was first a sex toy named ‘Lilli’ that was designed in Europe in the 1950s and was popular primarily with perverted single men.

At the time, a Jewish woman named Ruth Handler, who with her husband, owned the then-small company named Mattel Toys, apparently saw profit in this doll, brought it to the US and began marketing it as a “more mature” toy for little girls “exploring womanhood”.

Most mothers were either disturbed or horrified by this, especially since Barbie’s “mature” body was essentially borderline pornographic and was seen as a serious danger and potentially damaging to young girls’ psyches. That view is still held by millions of mothers all over the world who have banned this doll from their homes. However, Barbie was given a pass in most American homes.

Handler, as a marketer, consulted with psychiatrists to learn how to change the values of American mothers in order to market this doll. The advice was to instruct mothers to consider Barbie as “a tool for teaching their daughters about the importance of appearance and femininity.” In other words, how to sculpt their little girls to think and look sexy. It’s the American ideal – right? After all, promiscuity had become an American way of life. Just what every 3 year-old girl needed to help her grow up into a wholesome young woman — not a baby doll, but a stylized porno doll with breasts and a sports car. I have always hated that doll.

Now some Americans are beginning to wonder what went wrong in this society? Why are typical Americans unable to muster any common sense? Why do children hate their parents? Why are marriages suffering and falling apart? Why are mothers killing their babies before they are born? And the children that survive their mothers, why are they being farmed out to be raised by daycare and government schools?

But isn’t it obvious? Barbie was just one small feature in the general debauching of the West.

Is it any wonder why God’s judgment is upon the West, and particularly America? If someone from a few generations ago in America could somehow get a glimpse of modern America he would think he was looking at a foreign heathen society – and he would be right.


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