Oliver Stone – Revealing Ukraine

If you want to know what is really going on in Ukraine, who is behind the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, who started it and who is orchestrating it, who is being destroyed, who has made billion$ from it and then blamed it on Russia, you need to watch this rare expose – all 90 minutes of it. In fact you may need to watch it twice – because there is a ton of political and economic intrigue, deception, and propaganda that is being sorted out – and the deception and illegal profiteering didn’t start just recently. It has been going on a long time. The West (and especially the Biden crime family along with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have been mining and using Ukraine, politically and financially, for decades to line their own pockets (as well as the pockets of George Soros and a pack of Ukrainian oligarch billionaires) and promote the fallacy that Putin is the enemy of the world. In the process Ukraine is being destroyed – not by Russia, but by western politics, press, and the billionaires who control them.

Stone personally interviews Vladimir Putin (Russian President) and Viktor Medvedchuck (Ukrainian Head Of The Political Counsel). These are brilliant men whose grasp of the facts is indisputable.

This is information you will NOT hear from the lying western politicians and the lying western press.



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