IMPORTANT – For Americans, A Message From Inside Ukraine

Posted on June 19, 2022 by Ben

Gonzalo Lira lives in Ukraine. In this video he expresses his warning against an escalation of war with Russia precipitated by the US Government. Mr. Lira is in a better location to have a better, more realistic point of view compared to American citizens. He could be wrong. But chances are he could be right. Either way his warning is worth your attention and consideration. 

The US Government has been at war with Russia for a long time. The war has been, thus far, a proxy war. The US has been using other countries to battle against Russia. That way the US hasn’t had to declare their war. Ukraine is the latest country being used by the US to fight Russia. And Ukraine is losing badly. But we all know that the US has plans beyond Ukraine. The US wants (indeed it is waging) war with Russia.

Especially now with the Biden administration losing favor big time with the American citizens, as well as with Europe. The Biden administration needs war to reverse the unpopularity of the idiots in Washington (both Democrats and Republicans). War always stifles those who complain about government. In a war it is considered blasphemy to be critical of government. We saw this play book move during George W. Bush’s war in Afghanistan and Iraq. When we string together Bush’s “War On Terror” (so-called) including the disastrous assaults in Afghanistan where countless drone strikes killed civilians, the civil liberties abuses of the Patriot Act, the “black sites,” torture in Afghanistan and Iraq as well as Guantanamo Cuba, and the creepy “support the troops (and don’t you dare criticize our wars)” mantra of the time period, the awfulness of Bush and the Bush regime comes back into focus. Yep, you can see it at work again. And Americans will fall for it again – because most Americans are dumb as a bag of rocks. The only thing that can help Biden’s abysmal unpopularity, along with Washington DC’s loss of face, is a war. So it is quite possible that open declared war with Russia is in the plans.

In any case, this warning from an honest guy living in Ukraine is worth your time and consideration.


Second witness of this dangerous possible war scenario being pursued by Washington DC and the Biden administration:

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