Russia Now Criminalizing “LGBT Propaganda” – The US Promotes It

Russian Heterosexual Flag
Ethan Huff – 6, 15, 22

Russia is now engaged in criminalizing the LGBT propaganda, unlike former deceiver President Donald Trump, who wanted sodomy decriminalized across the world.  Many in Russia, as in the US and other countries recognize this is a perversion that cannot be tolerated without devastating consequences.  Just look at what we’ve faced in the past 30-40 years in this country from it.

 New legislation proposed in Russia would make it a crime for anyone in the country to promote unnatural sexual relations, or what the government there is calling “LGBT propaganda.”

Russia’s State Duma received the draft legislation on Tuesday and it is currently being reviewed by the state-building and legislation committee. Those who violate its provisions would face fines of up to $160,000, reports indicate.

An amendment to existing administrative law, the bill would restrict the transmission of all information promoting non-traditional sexual relations. In its current form, administrative law only prohibits such information from being spread to minors, which is also known as grooming.

An explanatory note attached to the document explains that “family, motherhood and childhood in their traditional understanding, which comes from our ancestors, are the values that ensure the continuous change of generations, act as a condition for the preservation and development of our people, and therefore need special state protections.”

Can you imagine something like this being proposed in the United States using such language, let alone being taken seriously by our corrupt government officials? It sure seems like Russia is a whole lot more Christian than the West these days.


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