Why does the U.S. Military have bases all over the world?

by Ben Williams – 5-12-201


The US Military has strategic bases in nearly every nation around the world with the exception of Russia, Iran, and a few other small regimes.

The United States military is deployed in more than 150 countries around the world, plus another 195 bases within the United States. Approximately 450,000 of its active-duty personnel serve outside the United States and its territories. There are also about 20 foreign countries that have US drone bases. The US Military Industrial Complex maintains approximately 800 foreign military bases with half a million troops not including secret or movable bases – from giant “Little Americas” to small radar facilities.

Add to that the 480 sea-going virtual bases on ships and aircraft carriers, with 70 additional ships in production. These facilitate 350,000 naval personnel.

Altogether, foreign US military bases, including ships, number somewhere near 1500 with 1.3 million military personnel. That doesn’t take into account the several secret bases (like Groom Lake in Nevada) which aren’t listed in public records. On top of that, the US Military employs 742,000 civilian personnel not considered military.

Another 826,000 serve in the National Guard and Reserve forces. Also, more than 2 million military retirees and their family members receive benefits. These provide a substantial voter base for all things military.

The Defense Department manages an inventory of installations and facilities around the world consisting of more than several hundred thousand individual buildings and structures located at more than 5,000 different locations or sites. When all sites are added together, the Department of Defense utilizes over 30 million acres of land.

If these figures stagger you, think back to 1951 when retiring president Dwight Eisenhower warned the world about the developing US “Military Industrial Complex.” Most Americans are not aware of Eisenhower’s warning. But today it is obvious that the threat to which he referred has grown to unimaginable proportions. The US Military, by invasion and conquest, has taken control of almost all the world. The only notable holdouts are Russia and Iran … and the US Military is currently working to undermine and conquer those as well.

By contrast, Russia has 9 foreign bases in former member states of the former Soviet Union. Likewise, Iran’s military power is no match for the US Military and NATO. Only Russia and China, especially if they work together, have the potential capability to thwart the mighty US Military. So the US is conducting a full-time assault, financially and strategically, against Russia, Iran, and China. This includes the undermining and overthrowing of smaller countries around Russia, Iran, and China, chiefly like Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Ukraine.

All manner of excuses and lies are employed by the US as provocations (false news) to justify the implementation of hostilities against these countries including sanctions and outright attacks. The goal is to weaken the surrounding countries and create chaos in them. This allows two things. First it allows the US to establish bases closer to Russia’s borders. Secondly it forces the poor victims in those countires to escape and immigrate into surrounding nations to try to survive. The dislodged victims are being forced to immigrate by the millions into Europe, Russia and other close nations. This will have a weakening effect upon the economy and infrastructures of those nations. This will have the desired effect the US wishes to inflict upon Russia, Iran and those nations that the US wants to weaken.

The cost of all this is astronomical, but the US Military has an unlimited budget.

Considering all this should give you a more practical understanding of the motive for war, and what the nefarious western politicians, bankers, and military think tanks are planning, and why. It should also give you the reason why Russia and Iran, and to a lesser degree China, are currently the main focus of the lies, fake news, provocations, and hatred emanating from the West.

Below is a graphic illustration of current US Military bases around the world







All wars are wars of aggression based on government lies and fake news. Every war we have seen in the last century has been created intentionally by western warmongering bankers and politicians. The US Government maintains hundreds of think tanks working 24/7 inventing strategies, deceptions, and excuses to undermine other nations of the world in order to conquer and exploit every spot on Earth.

Patriotism is a manipulative ploy by governments to enlist approval from ignorant citizens. If the people of the nation had any idea of the real motives and cruelty, as well as the corrupt and evil nature of their government, they would be shocked. But the typical citizen doesn’t want to be bothered to have to think about such things.

That leaves us, the remnant, to finally do what we should have been doing all along. Instead of looking to the news corporations the churches, and the politicians, we must look to our King Jesus for truth, for help and deliverance from the Beast System. Men have made such a mess of the world that only Jesus has the ability to fix it. But we must admit that we, the men of today as well as our fathers, have not done right by Christ. By not paying attention to our King Jesus we have allowed evil men to take over and enslave us. Now we are currently strangers in a land we thought was ours, but in fact it is a foreign jurisdiction.

God help us to turn and seek truth instead of submitting to and supporting the lies and deceptions of the Beast System.





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