Trump Tells NRA, ‘The Left is Coming for Your Guns’ As He’s Been Quietly Taking Your Guns All Along

4, 27, 2019

On Friday, President Donald Trump vowed to fight for the Second Amendment rights of Americans as he spoke to members of the National Rifle Association. While Trump claimed to be a champion of gun rights, however, his record says something entirely different.

During the speech, Trump claimed that the “left is coming for your guns,” and he’s correct.

But Trump is coming for your guns too!

If you are still so obtuse as to think you can trust Republicans, you’d better jump in bed and cover up your head. Republicans are just as bad as Democrats. Both are liars and criminals. It is the nature of the Beast System – all parties – all politicians. The system prevents honest leadership.

As politicians and anti-gun rights activists continuously chant, “we don’t want to take your guns,” behind the scenes — in only a year — politicians have been working overtime to limit your right to bear arms.

Trump told his audience he wants to raise the ownership age. “It is something you have to think about,” Trump said. He added that “people don’t bring it up” because the NRA opposes the policy. Trump claimed that he would convince the NRA to go along with it.

As the Hill pointed out, he also said he supports confiscating guns from “mentally ill individuals,” (but who determines if someone is “mentally ill?.”

Trump said: “I like taking the guns early like in this crazy man’s case that just took place in Florida … to go to court would have taken a long time,” Trump said at a meeting with lawmakers on school safety and gun violence.

“Take the guns first, go through due process later.”

He also said mentally ill people shouldn’t have guns.

“A lot of people are saying ‘oh you shouldn’t be saying that’,” Trump said. “But I don’t want mentally ill people having guns.”

Again, I ask who determines of someone is “mentally ill”? Trump and the anti-gun folks? Yeah! That’s like Bill Gates determining if someone who rejects a vaccine is mentally competent to walk around free. What could go wrong with that?

Trump also said he wanted more “background checks and all of the data.”

Trump urged lawmakers to pass a comprehensive gun control bill.

Rebutting accusations that he is beholden to the NRA, Trump added that gun lovers have less power over him than lawmakers.

Earlier today, Dick’s Sporting Goods announced it would permanently ban sales of the AR-15 from its stores.

Republican Senators John Cornyn of Texas and Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania have proposed legislation to fix holes in the background check system for gun buyers.

It’s getting harder and harder for a private man to own a gun. It’s what politicians want.


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