If COVID Fatalities Were Counted Correctly, By Industry Standard Method Used For More Than 17 Years, The Real Count Would Be 90.2% Lower

8/3/20 – Children’s Health Defense

(New CDC-contrived rules for counting COVID cases and deaths are being used to create a fake “pandemic” where none actually exists.)

What They Are Not Telling You About Data Through July 12th

  • According to the CDC, 101 children age 0 to 14 have died from influenza, while 31 children have died from COVID-19.
  • According to the CDC, 131,332 Americans have died from pneumonia and 121,374 from COVID-19 as of July 11th, 2020.
  • Why hasn’t the CDC declared a pneumonia pandemic?
  • Had the CDC had been using the correct industry standard for counting death by COVID, the COVID-19 fatality count would be approximately 90.2% lower.

The CDC has instructed hospitals, medical examiners, coroners and physicians to collect and report COVID-19 data by significantly different standards than all other infectious diseases and causes of death.

These new and unnecessary guidelines were instituted by the CDC in private, and without open discussion among qualified professionals that are free from conflicts of interest.

These new and unnecessary guidelines were additionally instituted despite the existence of effective rules for data collection and reporting, successfully used by all hospitals, medical examiners, coroners, and physicians for more than 17 years.

As a result, elected officials have enacted many questionable policies that have injured our country.

This paper will present significant evidence to support the position that if the CDC simply employed their 2003 industry standard for data collection and reporting, which has been successfully used nationwide for 17 years; the total fatalities attributed to COVID-19 would be reduced by an estimated 90.2%, and questions would be non-existent regarding schools reopening and whether or not Americans should be allowed to work.

Apparently state health departments have been instructed by the CDC to over-count COVID fatalities, cases, and hospitalizations.

According to the CDC’s Provisional COVID-19 Death Counts By Sex, Age & State, we know the following data from Feb 1, 2020 through July 11th, 2020.

  • Three times as many children in the 0 to 14 age demographic have died from influenza (101) compared to COVID-19 (31).
  • In the 0 to 14 age demographic, there have been 11,158 reported fatalities from all causes.
  • Thus, COVID-19 fatalities in the 0 to 14 age demographic make up a very small 0.0278% of all fatalities.

There is more data when looking at the 15 to 24 age demographic.

  • 41.2% more teens and college age young adults, in the 15 to 24 age demographic, have died from pneumonia (267) compared to COVID-19 (157).

We would not consider closing closing down the country for typical seasonal flu or pneumonia fatalities, so why did we close it down when COVID-19 numbers are even lower?

As encouraging as this data is, we have concerns regarding data collection and reporting that potentially lowers current fatality counts by 90.2%. It is very possible that state health departments have been instructed by the CDC to over-count COVID fatalities, cases, and hospitalizations.

There is no more significant risk of fatality from contracting the SARS-CoV-2 virus than there is for developing pneumonia.

Children Are Recovering 99.9584% of the Time From COVID-19.’

Risk of fatality increases substantially for Americans over age 50 with at least 1 of the following comorbidities: Hypertension, Diabetes, Elevated Cholesterol, Kidney Disease, Dementia, Heart Disease. For perspective, according to the CDC, the risk of dying from pneumonia is higher than the risk of dying from COVID-19 in the 55 to 64 age demographic.

Since February 1st, fatalities in the 55 to 64 age demographic had a 12% greater risk of dying from pneumonia than COVID-19. COVID-19 fatalities in the 55 to 64 age demographic make up 8.21% of all fatalities and the risk of fatality due to COVID-19 is on par with the risk of fatality associated with contracting pneumonia, 9.21%.

And when you consider the fact that the above statistics are based on the CDC’s faked method of counting COVID cases and deaths, the true numbers would be something like 90% lower.

Five times more people are being tested today than back in April, but the number of hospitalizations from COVID are about the same. While more “cases” are listed due to a drastic increase of  testing, almost all are asymptomatic, and even fewer are hospitalized.

The CDC knew in early March that the vast majority of fatalities would be in people over 60 with comorbidities.

It is a disease that affects most seriously older adults. Starting at age 60, there is an increasing risk of disease, and the risk increases with age. People with diabetes, heart disease, lung disease and other serious underlying conditions are more likely to develop serious outcomes, including death. The large majority of fatalities recorded were in nursing homes in people over 70 who had comorbidities. Plus, the test for COVID antibodies is terribly unreliable and inaccurate. So no one really knows if the official count means anything at all.

How is it that America has been shut down by a phantom virus that, even if it is real, is far less contagious or dangerous than the common flu? Who and what are behind this faked pandemic? Ask yourself, what is the real purpose?

(Obviously the COVID case-counting and death-number counting is a complete fraud.

For example: in a nursing home or hospital, chills and fever, or cough, are sufficient to label a patient a “probable case of COVID,” if he was also in contact with a “risk cohort,” as defined by public health authorities. Thus, it would be one more case to add to the official number of COVID cases. One more meaningless statistic with which to plant fear in the heads of mindless Americans.

This means that for an elderly person living in a nursing home—the whole home would be a “risk cohort”—who coughs, or who has chills and fever, could be diagnosed, with no test, as a “probable case of COVID.”

Why the hoax? Medical dictators are squeezing out every possible number they can, by any means, to justify their rampant economic and human destruction.

The lockdowns and shutdowns have nothing to do with disease.

Also—case numbers sell vaccines, and selling vaccines is the CDC’s main business activity.)


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