Transgender Perversion And Sodomy are Harbingers Of The End Of A Culture

Transgenderism and Sodomy are signs of a dying culture


As a nation of mentally disturbed and perverted people relies upon a godless central Beast System for guidance and support, it becomes a nation of weaklings, idiots, and cowards. Spiritual, intellectual, and physical awareness (self-reliance) provides independence; but there is more. Mental and spiritual factors are commonly overlooked and underconsidered. Ignorant people may look to centralized governmental power for both physical and spiritual security – those who fail to think for themselves or defend themselves and their interests are more likely to tolerate police state tactics, mass surveillance, heavily armed policemen, unthinkably intrusive laws, etc.

The social condition of widespread helplessness and pusillanimity can enable the growth of a powerful state. The same is true for racial/cultural diversity. Loss of self identity and connection to ancestry robs people of spiritual strength. Diverse societies are unstable and weak societies. Weak and unstable societies look to  a central power/system to provide identity. This brings societies to identify with the state rather than with ancestral ties. Diversity – the abomination of amalgamation of cultures – like widespread physical weakness, effeminacy, and timidity, is fertile soil for Statism to take root and grow. On the other hand, a society of spiritually strong men and women is protection against the idolatry of Statism. Weaklings are notorious for resorting to cruelty in pursuit of their own predilections and causes, and for preferring a lawless environment where they feel safe to practice their abominable lifestyles. Thus they gravitate to a godless central system whose rulers favor weakness and perversion.

Sodomy and pedophilia is unnatural. If someone (at least past puberty) cannot figure that out, they need help. God is the Author of Nature; Nature is the expression of God. When one sets his or her hand in mockery against the highest expression of Nature (family and procreation), that person has declared war against Nature and the God of Nature.

It does not matter what people ‘think’ or ‘feel’ or ‘believe’. It is what God knows that matters.
Homosexuality, transgenderism, bestiality, pedophilia, etc. as well as those who practice, support, or implicitly condone the same, are sick. And, they are dangerous to our children and ultimately everything that is good and clean and pure.

Women can not be men. A masculine woman is a cheap substitute for a real man. Likewise an effeminate or “gender dysmorphic” man is a cheap substitute for a real woman. A gender dysmorphic biological female can not replace a man and a gender dysmorphic biological male can not replace a woman. Both are naturally ridiculous and abominations everywhere but in Hollywood movies.

Ultimately, these shameful mindsets are mass hysteria. When teachers normalize such unnatural ideas in the minds of the young (those who are highly impressionable and easily disoriented) it is an abomination. It twists, deceives, and perverts the young, and leads them on errant paths to misery and ruin.

The normalization of transgenderism and sodomy serves another purpose. An effeminate and weak (and especially a confused and delusional) population is more inclined to look to government for guidance and authority. Thus, when a dimorphic culture and power structure seeks to normalize these bizarre behaviors and pathologies, it not only weakens the people, it strengthens systemic idolatry.

A nation of weaklings and girlie men is an invitation to Statism and Totalitarianism. The weak and cowardly will not defend themselves. They will not believe in objective right and wrong. Thus they look to government devils for validation and security. This is likely another very important reason why the Beast System that rules these cultures normalizes transgenderism and homosexuality, and now even calls masculinity “toxic.” They desire a nation of weaklings ever in distress who, devoid of spiritual strength, look to devils in power for protection against all who are still normal. The weak and confused can not defend themselves physically or spiritually. They prefer to fancy themselves enduring victims no matter how many innocents they misdirect and pervert.


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