Man’s System Is At War Against Jesus


The masks mark people as citizens of an evil system. Those who like masks are not just simple minded dupes – they are advocates for Statism which is idolatry against Christ.

Americans in general have believed the myriad of lies from government and its institutions like news media, schools, colleges, and churches – institutions that twist and re-invent our history and the Bible. These people have lost their ability to recognize truth. Their entire perceptual apparatus derives from strategically directed propaganda creating the corrupted citizen personality. They trust the government to tell them what’s best for them. They comply with orders without question. As a result, those who wear the mask will also take the shot. And that will be the end of them. They will not be as they used to be physically or spiritually.

It’s pretty clear to anyone who can still actually think that the COVID plandemic, along with several destructive events of 2020, are calculated steps to usher us further into a godless and mindless society where nothing makes sense and you don’t care.  The people in control are convinced — or rather, by our indifference and ignorance to their deceptions, we have convinced them! — that we can be manipulated into anything. Therefore they had no hesitation in going for broke and implementing total chaos in the world by calling this mild flu (the corona flu) “a disastrous plague,” and correctly calculating that most people won’t really know or care whether it’s true or not.

How obtuse have Americans become? When President Trump created the $13 trillion emergency pandemic fund scheme, it helped take your attention away from the lies and crimes federal and state governments are committing.

In America we were already controlled by advertisers who know how to keep us amused, entranced and distracted, so it was a relatively small step to convert us into puppets on strings, ready to take into our bloodstreams shots designed to make us sicker and maybe kill us, as well as literally change us (our DNA) into some kind of chimera (an organism consisting of two or more tissues of different genetic composition, produced as a result of genetic engineering.).

Now despite all sorts of revelations about government lies concerning this fake pandemic by which they have locked down the world, the social restraints remain in place – possibly indefinitely.

It’s a long string of lies that Americans have swallowed throughout their lives that have emboldened their government to openly deceive and manipulate them. This, in part, is why today the income breakdown in the U.S. is 1 percent fabulously wealthy and 99 percent paupers. If not striving mightily to make ends meet, we paupers are the increasing number of people standing by the side of the road now begging for government food.

No matter where you look you find the stories don’t add up. None of this makes sense, but most people are accustomed to not expecting things to make sense. So the criminals in office carry on.

All those lies we chose to ignore and/or believe have constructed the lie we are trapped in today, which is that this is “the land of the free and the home of the brave.” In reality we have become — or perhaps have been for a long time — a nation of sniveling cowards who condone killing babies and taking pride in US military indiscriminately killing and maiming innocent people while stealing their land and their property.

And always remember that the object of all police operations is to protect the politicians and the property of the banks, because that’s who pays their salaries. Any of their actions that damage the public, we already know so well, are always recorded under the inactionable phrase “collateral damage,” which the Jews always remind us is “the cost of being free,” which we now know always refers, not to our freedom, but to their license to commit crime.

What really matters? Well, those things that get us through the day and keep us warm and happy. So the main thing is always having enough money to maintain our politically correct lives. And therein lies the tale of our demise.

The reason the world population followed along with the absurd pandemic plan in such an orderly fashion was the repetition from all those other times when they knew their leaders were lying to them, but they decided not to object. They decided it was more prudent, less risky, and more profitable to lay low and not draw attention to themselves. This formula has led us to where we are today.

Aspects of the vaccine: false promises, obligatory poison adjuvants, prevents oxygen molecules from binding with your blood, can’t breathe.

Aspects of the mask: Reduced oxygen intake triggers asphyxiation, cancer, heart failure, can’t breathe. Isn’t that what George Floyd said when he was dying from a combination of fentanyl overdose and a cop’s knee on his neck?

Relax. Just take the shot. Everything will be OK. Hasn’t your government always looked out for you? Really?

The people who run the world have inherited their lofty positions through crime. Willingness to kill and steal is the quality that makes a politician and a mobster. Frederic Morton said as much in his puffy biography of the Rothschilds. So we should not be surprised that the people running the world today are an entrenched criminal class. It would be illogical to think otherwise, no matter what kind of misleading education they have confused you with.

I have often said that the most essential people in an election are the middle of the road dummies who barely pay attention to the political goings-on of their nation. They are the ones who can listen to a newscast several times a month, talk casually with friends, and vote for absolutely anyone – the person who catches their eye or ear with a catchy phrase. Voters make themselves complicit in the crimes of government.

As a result now we are all marching toward the death of culture – culling to please the masters of our destiny who care far more about the trinkets their bottom line can buy than they do about the babies who are left to be murdered by those whose twisted compulsions have overcome their own common sense.

With what we now know about carcinogenic triggers in the polio vaccine, the phony epidemic that was falsely called AIDS (supervised by Dr. Fauci, I might mention), and the number of people killed by sepsis by visiting hospitals, it should come as no surprise that blind belief in your doctor can frequently be a fatal disease in and of itself.

What kind of electronic witches’ spell has been cast over the minds of the world to compel them to reflexively accept an improperly tested vaccine when one of the great secrets of modern medicine is that doctors’ remedies frequently cause more diseases than they cure?

This is the plan that makes Bill Gates gush and twitch with anticipatory glee.

What kind of moron would take a concoction that they freely admit is not even a real vaccine, but something that will alter our DNA and turn us into genetically modified human beings? It sounds like a new, more efficient Jewish model of enslavement.

And the day is now here when the monsters in charge of government insist that we cannot trust our “lying eyes,” and we must see and hear what they tell us to see and hear. We are tortured mentally and bullied into denying what is actually before our faces. Like Winston, in Orwell’s 1984, was tortured mentally to the point O’Brien could hold up four fingers and make Winston think he was seeing five fingers.


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