Mass Exodus From Public Schools Accelerates

Mass Exodus From Public Schools Accelerates



The exodus of families from government schools continues to accelerate nationwide, sparking panic among the education establishment that has so badly failed America’s children. And contrary to government claims the trends are not just because of COVID.

Now, public-school bigwigs are freaking out about what the plunge in enrollment means for their bloated government-funded budgets. In short: The government-“education” (brainwashing) gravy train is about to get a lot smaller as sensible families flee to the safety and common sense of homeschooling.

The numbers are huge. Massachusetts public schools lost almost 40,000 students this fall. New York public schools lost over 30,000. Fairfax County, Virginia, lost almost 10,000, while the the Los Angeles Unified School District lost 11,000. Some districts have lost over 10 percent. Enrollment at colleges and universities dropped by more than 15 percent over 2019 levels. And the exodus continues to grow.

Countless government-school officials are warning — falsely — that the looming declines in their budgets will supposedly hurt children. If and when the pandemic ends, they claim, there will be a rush to re-enroll children. However, the facts, data, and trends suggest the exodus will keep picking up steam with or without coronavirus.

(As parents learn that they don’t need government schools, and that children learn better and more correctly when they avoid government schools – and that educating your own children is a prime responsibility – actually a privilege – life will get better for families and children will get saved from the godless indoctrination of the schools.)

Consider that while government-school advocates are frantically trying to blame COVID19 for the fleeing families, many of the trends were actually being observed long before the virus struck.

In Massachusetts, for example, the Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents reported a 5 percent decrease in enrollment since coronavirus. However, the ongoing exodus began well before COVID shut down schools.

“It may be the virus, or it may be a real systemic issue that we’re seeing some significant drop of pre-K students coming into the district,” Worcester School Committee member Jack Foley was quoted as saying by local media reports.

Despite efforts to portray the exodus as solely a response to COVID and the limitations of virtual learning, the reality is that there is much more to the story.

One of the key issues is growing awareness about the dangers of “public education” to children. With government schools becoming increasingly radical in the indoctrination and sexualization of America’s youth, the movement to liberate children and families from the nightmare has gone from the fringes to mainstream in recent years. Many of America’s most prominent and respected leaders have urged parents to ditch government schools.

The mayhem we see in America’s streets today is a direct result of indoctrination and mental abuse by government schools.

According to a recent report in the New York Times on the exodus from public schools, enrollment in private schools is actually up, too.

Families are doing the right thing by fleeing the government indoctrination system posing as an “education” system. However, as the exodus picks up speed, educational totalitarians will do everything possible to crush the movement and the freedom that enables it. Advocates of educational liberty must be prepared for the coming war.


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