WHO (World Health Organization) Turns Science And Logic On Its Head

Jeffrey A. Tucker – 12/25/2020

Maybe you have some sense that something fishy is going on? Me too. If it’s not one thing, it’s another.

Coronavirus lived on surfaces but it didn’t. Masks work they don’t. It’s been known for decades. There is asymptomatic transmission, except there isn’t. Lockdowns work to control the virus except they don’t. All these people are sick without symptoms except they aren’t, PCR tests are key to monitoring cases of COVID but they aren’t. In fact they were never intended to be diagnostic tools. Everyone is in danger of the virus except they aren’t. It spreads in schools except it doesn’t. Does this inspire confidence in you?

On it goes. Daily. It’s no wonder that so many people have stopped believing anything that “public health authorities” say. In combination with governors and other sycophants doing their bidding, they set out to take away freedom and logic and expected us to thank them for this. At some point this year (for me it was March 12) life began feeling like a dystopian novel.

Well, now I have another piece of evidence to add to the mile-high pile of smelly fishy mess. The World Health Organization, without explanation, has suddenly changed its definition of a core conception of immunology: herd immunity. Its discovery was one of the major achievements of 20th century science, gradually emerging in the 1920s and then becoming ever more refined throughout the 20th century.

The theory (although bogus) is that vaccinations protect people from infection from symptomatic people. Also, masks are supposed to protect the wearers from others who may be symptomatic. But the “experts” have turned that science on hits head. Now the vaccinated need protection from unvaccinated. Mask wearers need protection from those who don’t wear masks. In other words, suddenly people need to get vaccinated to protect others (not themselves). And we must wear masks to protect others, not ourselves. Who can believe this? Apparently most people.

Here is another point. When a virus kills its host, it cannot migrate. The more aggressively it does this, the less it spreads. If the virus doesn’t kill its host, it can hop to others through all the usual means. When you get a virus and fight it off, your immune system encodes that information in a way that builds immunity to it. When it happens to enough people (and each case is different so we can’t put a clear number on it) the virus loses its pandemic quality and loses its pandemic threat. Each new generation incorporates that information through more exposure. This has been how communicable disease has been handled for centuries. It is the natural way, and it kills for fewer people than vaccines kill.

This is what one would call Virology/Immunology 101. It’s what you can read in every textbook. It’s been taught in 9th grade cell biology for probably 80 years. Observing the operations of this phenomenon is pretty wonderful because it increases one’s respect for the way in which human biology has adapted to and survived from the presence of pathogens.

And the discovery of this fascinating dynamic in cell biology is a major reason why public health became so smart in the 20th century. We kept calm. We managed viruses staying home when we were sick. We avoided the Medieval tendency to run around with hair on fire but rather used rationality and intelligence. Even the New York Times recognizes that natural immunity is powerful with Covid-type infections, which is not in the least bit surprising.

Until one day, this strange institution called the World Health Organization literally changed the science in a Soviet-like way. It has removed with the delete key any mention of natural immunities from its website. It has taken the additional step of actually mischaracterizing the structure and functioning of vaccines.

In effect, this change at WHO ignores and even wipes out 100 years of medical advances in virology, immunology, and epidemiology. It is thoroughly unscientific – shilling for the vaccine industry and has been doing this since the beginning of this pandemic.

What’s even more strange is the claim that a vaccine protects people from a virus rather than exposing them to it. What’s amazing about this claim is that vaccine theory is supposed to work precisely by firing up the immune system through exposure. Why I had to type those words is truly beyond me. This has been known for centuries. There is simply no way for medical science to completely replace the human immune system. It can only deceive us for profit.

Take from this what you will. It is a sign of the times. For nearly a full year, the media has been telling us that “science” requires that we comply with their dictates that run contrary to every tenet of science we’ve developed in the modern world that we can live freely and with faith in our immune systems. Then criminals took over and science and logic was murdered along with lots of people. And now the “science” is actually deleting its own history, airbrushing over what it used to know and replacing it with something misleading at best and criminal at worst.

I cannot say why, exactly, the WHO did this. Given the events of the past nine or ten months, however, it is reasonable to assume that politics are at play. Since the beginning of the pandemic, those who have been pushing lockdowns and hysteria over the coronavirus have resisted the idea of natural herd immunity, instead insisting that we must live in lockdown until a vaccine is developed.

The “pandemic” doesn’t exist except in our minds which have been deceived and manipulated.

The science has not changed; only the politics have. And that is precisely why it is so dangerous and deadly to subject virus management to the forces of politics. Eventually the science too bends to the duplicitous character of the political industry.


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