This display of the madness in the world defies description. Consider the case now in Poland.

Poland is about 90% Catholic. As odd as it is for Catholicism to stand for something good, most Catholics happen to be against abortion. In Poland this has stirred a controversy. Polish legislators recently passed laws to criminalize abortion except in the cases of rape, incest, or when the pregnancy threatens the life of the mother. This, of course, makes more sense than we see in America and most nations. In most nations abortion is not only legal but is often encouraged and funded by the state.

OK. Chalk one up for Poland and the “mother of harlots” (Catholicism). She, in this case, is more righteous than her corrupt daughters (Protestantism) that make up most other churchgoing cultures.

But look at what the protestants and atheists in Poland are doing. They are having massive protests against the new law that deprives mothers of the right to murder their babies. Huh? Is this a dystopian movie plot on the level of a zombie flick?

No, it is really happening. Who could make this up? People are insane! Polish mothers, and mothers of the world complain loudly when they think they are being discriminated against by being denied the right to murder their babies.

This is a barometer of the degree of wickedness in cultures worldwide. When people are this corrupt and mentally vacuous, it is no wonder that the world is also believing that something labeled “COVID 19” is real, and are willingly submitting to medical measures (vaccines, etc.) that will kill many, if not most, of them. Just desserts for idolatry.

The world has passed into the Twilight Zone. The people’s godlessness and stupidity is making a turn into self destruction. It is the inevitable result of sin. Sin cannot sustain itself. Sin (wickedness) has, in its roots, the seeds of its own destruction. Stupidity (runaway sinfulness) cannot sustain itself. God’s law cannot be ignored or broken with impunity. Eventually God’s law always catches up to those who break it. The result is that people become insane in their arrogance. They kill and eat each other.

Look at Poland for proof.


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