The federal and state governments are purging members who have spoken out about the lies surrounding the 9-11 attack on Manhattan, also the fraudulent Sandy Hook shooting (and other school shootings), and such false flag attacks. No doubt the same will apply to anyone in government who hasn’t gotten on board the COVID-19 train. Some politicians are just walking away, but some are giving a “mea culpa” to try to keep their jobs by sucking up to their rulers. These are just too stupid to realize that they can never get back into good graces with the rulers once they have shown disrespect to them. 


Johnson & Johnson is producing a “new vaccine” for COVID-19 claiming that it is different from the mRNA vaccines by Maderna and Pfizer. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine claims to be a recombinant vaccine – in other words, it is suppose to not be a mRNA type shot, which, if true, may not be quite as deadly as the mRNA shots. Still very bad, but not quite as bad as the Maderna and Pfizer vaccines. This is assuming that what is being reported might be true – which remains to be seen.

Apparently the public rejection of the first vaccines has prompted them to come up with a new one. This new one purports to only need one shot instead of two or three like Maderna and Pfizer shot. Of course this claim can change at any time. As you know, the pharmaceutical companies and the news media cannot be trusted to tell the truth about anything. This new vaccine is supposed to be ready in March 2021. People by the thousands are already calling in to get scheduled for the new shot. This is not improving my assessment of the intelligence of American people.

There is some speculation that people are being secretly vaccinated via the deep nasal swab used for the PCR tests. I’ve been suspicious of this for some time. So I have advised people to avoid the tests as well as the vaccines.

The system’s plan remains the same – to give shots to as many people as they can. No apologies for killing and/or maiming thousands of people who already got their shots. Their plan, as stated by Bill Gates, is to reduce world population via vaccines and abortions. This undoubtedly remains the same.



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