In 1976, Only One Generation Ago, America Learned That Flu Shots Are Dangerous And CDC, TV, And The President Were Aware – But They Pushed Them Anyway


Weren’t you listening? Haven’t you paid attention? What were you thinking when Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, President Trump, and CNN were selling the deadly COVID vaccinations?

The US Government, the national health agencies, and the big pharmaceutical companies repeatedly push upon Americans (who seem to be irresponsibly naive and careless) vaccines that injure and kill them. It is not a new phenomenon. When will they learn?

And now for several months millions of people in America and the world are falling for it again – and thousands of people are being injured or killed. Why can’t people learn that the vaccination “officials” are not honest with the public? Dishonesty is the nature of the Beast System. When will people wake up and stop being stupid?

Back in 1979 Mike Wallace dared to call out the fraudulent vaccine officials who sold the deadly shots to the public three years earlier in 1976. But today no one in the mainline news media dares speak out. America appears to be losing ground. Common sense and honesty is disappearing. And this new injection for COVID appears to be much more deadly than vaccines of the past, including the Swine Flu vaccine of 1976.

Wake up America! Wake up Christians! Don’t be fools. God is calling for you to wake up.


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