VAX ATTACKS: Singapore seeing chronic illness explosion after reaching 81 percent vaccination rate

Natural News – 9/16/21

A massive spike in new PCR test “cases” of so-called “Covid-19” has struck Singapore, one of the most “fully vaccinated” countries on Earth with about an 81 percent compliance rate, according to the latest data.

Surging infections following mass injections are defeating the government’s claims that more injections is the answer.

Over the weekend, the number of patients requiring oxygen in Singapore doubled, showing that the injections they call “vaccines” are failing to provide the promised protection against “Covid.”

Compared to most other nations, Singapore was exceptionally quick to accept the Fauci Flu shots. Its residents lined right up and rolled up their sleeves, only to now face the consequences of antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) and other spike protein damage due to the jabs.

Injection rates have plateaued, reports indicate, as the vast majority of Singapore has taken all of the currently available shots pushed by the government. This spike in new infections and hospitalizations has some people questioning how and why this is happening.

“Infections over the weekend were more than a combined 1,000 cases, a tenfold increase from a month ago,” reported Reuters.

Vaccinated people are infecting others with spike protein “shedding”

Early on in the plandemic, Singapore was one of the first countries to report any Covid-19 infections.

Along with Australia, Singapore announced to the world that the coronavirus had been detected there, which sent the global media into a tailspin.

Fast-forward to now and Singapore is leading the way in both vaccine compliance and simultaneous accelerated infections (falsely called “COVID” and its so-called “variants”) – which are still being blamed, in many cases, on the “unvaccinated.”

There is no evidence to suggest that healthy, unvaccinated people are spreading anything. But the mainstream media wants you to believe that they are the disease vectors – when in fact the fully vaccinated are the ones getting sick.


“You need to get a vaccine that doesn’t work so the vaccine I got that doesn’t work will work …”  – (moronic vaxxer babble)


Ironic is the fact that the plandemic would have long been done and over with had people just said no to vaccination. Thanks to the vaccinated, we now have mysterious transmissions of  illness shedding from vaccinated people infecting the unvaccinated people.

And things are likely to get worse as more “booster” shots get distributed. These secondary jabs “will cure everything” – except they won’t and the vaccinators know it. They have continuing waves of hell planned with unending “variants” along with “booster jabs” every few months.

Singapore seems to still be clinging to the Covidiot doctrine that the way to stop death-by-vaccination is to get more deadly vaccinations – even though the data shows the opposite to be true.

VAXASSASSINATION: How globalists convinced BILLIONS of people to exterminate themselves with biological weapons presented as “vaccines”

The world will apparently have to learn this all the hard way, though, as there appear to be no signs of the plandemic agenda relenting anytime soon. It will be booster shot after booster shot until the end of time – or until people decide that enough is enough.

As people continue to suffer and die at the hands of their trusted vaccinators in the government, the hospital administrations, and the media, you can stay informed about it at and HEALTH IMPACT NEWS.


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