Doctor with bioweapons expertise calls COVID-19 vaccines “weaponized medicine”

Correction: It isn’t the Chinese who are executing this “weaponized medicine” attack. It is Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, WHO, CDC, and the US Politicians.


While some doctors are encouraging people to get in line for their COVID-19 vaccine, others are bravely speaking out about why rushing to get an untested shot might not be such a good idea.

Dr. Lee Merritt, a former president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, has admitted that she believes the current coronavirus vaccines are actually very dangerous bioweapons that are being deployed against the population.

Dr. Merritt knows plenty about bioweapons, having studied them while she served as an orthopedic surgeon for the United States Navy for nearly a decade. She has also published several peer-reviewed papers and was on the board of the Arizona Medical Association.

In an interview with The New America, Dr. Merritt said that she believes we’re living in a time of “fifth-generational warfare” where covert biological agents, propaganda and economic warfare are being used instead of weapons on the battlefield to turn the tide of power between nations.

She said that scientists have already found some promising coronavirus treatments, such as hydroxychloroquine and intravenously delivered vitamin C, which makes one wonder why doctors are pushing a vaccine.

She stated: “If we are at biowarfare right now as a part of this multi-dimensional warfare, if you have a treatment in your back pocket, they cannot terrorize you with fear of viruses. Besides, they admit that the vaccine doesn’t prevent transmission.”

Of course, the media regularly censors information about effective ways to prevent and treat the disease, leaving the masses to believe a vaccine is the only option. Social media is also doing its best to silence those who share information about natural ways to reduce your risk, and the major platforms are also working overtime to stop people from discussing the potential dangers of these vaccines.

COVID-19 vaccines are nothing like traditional vaccines

Unfortunately, as she points out, coronavirus vaccines are not like former vaccines. With these vaccines, messenger RNA is injected into people’s bodies, which changes their genetic code so they start producing their own modified version of the virus, which the immune system learns to fight – at least in theory.

However, not only has this particular vaccine never been tested over the long term, but this entire approach to vaccination has never undergone long-term studies to prove its safety in humans. Animal studies have shown a high percentage of lethal reactions to the vaccine. The mRNA vaccine causes an “antibody-dependent enhancement” that reacts to a subsequent exposure to the virus. The virus makes its way into the body and a deadly spike protein is produced which creates a runaway autoimmune reaction with inflammation (anaphylactic shock) sometimes labeled “sepsis” that kills you.

In fact, she says that the longest they have ever followed people after getting the vaccine is two months, which is not nearly enough time to determine if there will be an antibody enhancement problem.

This, she says, is precisely how a foreign adversary would go about waging clandestine biowarfare on its enemies without the process being traced back to them.

She calls the vaccines “a perfect binary weapon.” If the military wanted to kill a lot of people they could just make an mRNA that doesn’t exist in nature so not too many are going to die from the initial vaccine, and then two years later they’d release whatever it is that will trigger a reaction … and it causes this immune enhancement death.

When you see all the footage of people proudly rolling up their sleeves to get the coronavirus vaccine, it’s pretty scary to think of what might happen if Dr. Merritt is right and the masses are willingly being injected with a form of weaponized medicine.


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