Owing to the dishonesty and manipulation within the government and the news media, Americans don’t really know how many people have already been killed and injured by the bio-weapon injections being pushed upon us by the government. They’ve admitted that the number of deaths are up into the thousands, and the adverse health events and injuries from the so-called “COVID vaccines” are in the millions. And if that were all it would be bad enough – but the truth is that only a small percent of the injuries and deaths get reported to the VAERS system.

The government and hospitals have been lying the whole time about the invented pandemic, and the COVID virus that doesn’t really exist, and the “COVID deaths” that are being misreported by hospitals paid by the government to lie on death certificates. The death jabs, the disease-ridden masks, the business shut downs, the loss of jobs, the assault on families, etc., etc., taken together all add up to a major assault on America – an assault by government upon citizens. And all based on fraudulent reasons.

So what is this if not war waged against the people?

Sadly, millions of Americans are surrendering themselves without a fight; committing self-inflicted suicide without even thinking about what they are doing. Americans are in an undeclared war with an enemy that is inside the gates surreptitiously passing itself off as the protector of the people. This enemy of the people is the Beast System. It established itself on the East Coast in the 1700s. That’s when the Beast System (British government and central banking system) crossed the Atlantic and set up shop among the British Colonies in America.

America, under the control of the US Government, has been in captivity all this time. Americans are, in general, abysmally ignorant about these vitally important matters. The Early pioneers came to America to escape the British central government and bankers. But the Beast System followed them to these shores. Americans, due to their lack of attention to Christian spiritual values, and due to their ill-founded reliance on the corrupt government-sanctioned churches, have fallen prey to the worst sort of criminals. Like our Israel ancestors of old who rejected the true God, didn’t want Him any longer as their leader, and chose to go whoring after other gods (1 Samuel 8), they lost truth along with their freedoms and protections.

That, in essence, is what Americans (modern-day Israelites) have done again. Now people are wondering what is happening to them. Well, what is happening is that Americans let the enemy inside the gates about three hundred years ago. That enemy (the Beast System) proceeded to enslave the nation, and now the chains of slavery are suddenly chaffing at their ankles and wrists.

Early America, three centuries ago, was conquered by British politicians led by Jewish bankers. They became known as the US Government system and the US banking system. Americans have been ignorantly living under antichrist rulers since the beginning of the clever political and financial conquest of this land.

A war has been waged by the forces of evil against this unaware people. It is a war not publicly declared, but is nonetheless an actual war. The man-made, antichrist Beast System surreptitiously invaded and worked its devilish plans upon a gullible people. Americans were dumbed down by false prophets from British churches, and thus were easy prey to the Beast System. If the people had been taught truths of God’s Word, instead of Jewish fables by the churches, they wouldn’t have been blind to what was happening to them. So you can blame the churches first because they opened the gates for the devils to enter and do their work.

Today the Beast System has spread it’s tentacles all across the continent and has had a firm grip on the lives of Americans. Up till now the Beast System’s scheme of conquer, deceive, and control has kept Americans submissive and under their thumb – even through numerous wars that killed millions of our people. Only a small remnant of us have seen through their facade and identified their system as the real enemy. We also re-learned the truth about our true King – Christ Jesus. In fact, being able to perceive the enemy (the Beast System) usually comes simultaneously with being able to perceive our true King Jesus and God’s laws.

So now America finds herself in an interesting situation. The arrogant elites who rule over the Beast System are once again being exposed as the curtain is being pulled back revealing the true motives of the devils who are pulling the levers. And hopefully this time more people will open their eyes and see that those in power are truly waging war upon the common people.

But there may be hope for change. The psychopathic elites in positions of power in the Beast System may be experiencing unintended consequences – in other words, they may have overplayed their hand. Maybe Americans are starting to wake up from their stupor. Perhaps the shock of seeing millions of people dying from the government-mandated vaccines and shutdowns are shaking people up and causing them to open their eyes.

The lies, the deaths, the injuries, the manipulations and absurd claims are piling up to the sky. People may be starting to realize that they are being played – even non-Christians seem to be getting the drift that they can not trust man’s government and its media. Maybe, hopefully, more people will turn and look to Jesus instead of looking to criminals in government.

Here’s the thing to consider. It is possible that God is bringing judgment upon this nation, and part of that judgment will result in the exposure of the Beast System.

Think on these things as you watch the two videos.


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